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High Power MicroSpot Focusing Objectives

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High Power MicroSpot Focusing Objectives


  • Designed for High-Power Industrial Nd:YAG Lasers
  • Magnifications: 5X, 10X, or 20X
  • Design Wavelengths: 532 nm or 1064 nm


  • Fused Silica Lenses
  • Better than 96 to 98% Transmission within Design Spectral Region
  • Damage Threshold of 500 MW/cm2 for 20 ns Pulses @ 20 Hz (532 or 1064 nm)

Thorlabs' High-Power Nd:YAG MicroSpot Focusing Objectives are designed to focus high-power Nd:YAG laser beams to a diffraction-limited spot. They offer a damage threshold of 500 MW/cm2 at 532 nm or 1064 nm (20 ns, 20 Hz pulses). The transmission window of the objective extends from 250 nm to 1600 nm, and the objective is capable of producing a nearly diffraction-limited spot in the spectral range from the visible to the near-infrared.

High Power MicroSpot Focusing Objectives

LMH-5X-532532 nm5X35 mm40 mm0.1310 mm
LMH-10X-53210X15 mm20 mm0.2510 mm
LMH-20X-53220X6 mm10 mm0.408 mm
LMH-5X-10641064 nm5X35 mm40 mm0.1310 mm
LMH-10X-106410X15 mm20 mm0.2510 mm
LMH-20X-106420X6 mm10 mm0.408 mm

λc = Center Wavelength, Mag. = Magnification, WD = Working Distance

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Posted Comments:
Poster: suwas.nikumb
Posted Date: 2014-02-10 09:37:53.92
Do you have microscope objectives at 532nm and 800nm with atleast 12-15mm entrance aperture?
Poster: besembeson
Posted Date: 2014-02-12 01:59:58.0
Response from Bweh E. at Thorlabs: Thanks for contacting Thorlabs. At this time, we do not carry such objectives that meet your requirements. We however have several other objectives at the following page:
Poster: jlow
Posted Date: 2013-09-19 14:09:00.0
Response from Jeremy at Thorlabs: We do not currently have these short focal length objectives for high power application. I have logged this in our internal forum and we will look into whether we could make this.
Poster: lvtaohn
Posted Date: 2013-09-17 19:08:25.967
Do you have 40times or 60 times high power focusing objective 1064nm or 532nm? I need them in these days. Please let me know if you have them. Thank you!
Poster: rpscott
Posted Date: 2013-05-29 17:06:42.537
Is the transmission for the 1064nm version of the objectives similar at 1037nm?
Poster: tcohen
Posted Date: 2013-05-30 02:28:00.0
Response from Tim at Thorlabs: Yes. The number of surfaces in each objective is different and therefore deviation away from the design wavelength will have more of an impact on transmission for the 20X vs the 10X, for example. However, at your desired wavelength the total transmission for each is similar.
Poster: tcohen
Posted Date: 2012-08-23 16:25:00.0
Response from Tim at Thorlabs: Thank you for contacting us. I’ve emailed you to go over this objective and supply some representative data.
Poster: song31037
Posted Date: 2012-08-23 15:19:04.0
Can I receive the wavelength range information of LMH-20X-1064?
Poster: tcohen
Posted Date: 2012-02-29 15:56:00.0
Response from Tim at Thorlabs: Thank you for your feedback on the LMH-10X-532. I am looking into the materials we use for this objective and will post an update soon.
Poster: g.laliberte
Posted Date: 2012-02-29 10:13:58.0
I'm intersted in a microscope objective that would be made of non magnetic material. Do you have any data about the housing material of that lens? THanks
Poster: jjurado
Posted Date: 2011-07-08 08:58:00.0
Response from Javier at Thorlabs to last poster: Thank you very much for contacting us. For this objective, the absorption in the glass itself is almost negligible, and if we assume 3.5% loss at each surface we would end up with a total transmission in the neighborhood of 80%. However, keep in mind that the chromatic shift of roughly 0.2 mm will slightly affect the performance of this objective. Also, we do not currently have an objective specifically designed for operation at 980 and 1550 nm. Please contact us at if you would like to discuss your application a bit further.
Posted Date: 2011-07-07 14:17:40.0
I am working with this objective (LMH-10X-1064), but I have beam at 1550nm. So I want to know the transmission spectrum of this objective especialy for 1550nm). Is there any particular objective design to work at 980nm and 1550nm?
Poster: apalmentieri
Posted Date: 2009-12-31 17:12:33.0
A response from Adam at Thorlabs to Ilday: There was a server glitch and we are working to bring this page online. Please note that we do have stock on most of these objectives and they can be ordered direct through our sales department, or 973-300-3000, while these parts are not on the website. I will email you with more information.
Poster: ilday
Posted Date: 2009-12-31 17:01:39.0
I wanted to purchase this product, which was available until yesterday, however it has disappeared from the webpage. Is that a server glitch or did you discontinue the product?
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LMH-5X-532 Support Documentation
LMH-5X-532 532 nm, 5X High-Power MicroSpot Focusing Objective
LMH-10X-532 Support Documentation
LMH-10X-532 532 nm, 10X High-Power MicroSpot Focusing Objective
LMH-20X-532 Support Documentation
LMH-20X-532 532 nm, 20X High-Power MicroSpot Focusing Objective
1064 nm High Power MicroSpot Focusing Objectives
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LMH-5X-1064 Support Documentation
LMH-5X-1064 1064 nm, 5X High-Power MicroSpot Focusing Objective
LMH-10X-1064 Support Documentation
LMH-10X-1064 1064 nm, 10X High-Power MicroSpot Focusing Objective
LMH-20X-1064 Support Documentation
LMH-20X-1064 1064 nm, 20X High-Power MicroSpot Focusing Objective
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