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NIR Scan and Tube Lens for Multiphoton Imaging

  • Scan and Tube Lens Combination
  • For Constructing Custom-Built Multiphoton Imaging Systems
  • Optimized for Broadband NIR Range


Application Idea


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  • Designed for Custom Multiphoton or Other NIR Imaging Systems
  • Both Lenses are Optimized for Broadband NIR Imaging (680 - 1400 nm)
  • Externally SM1 Threaded on the Tube Lens End for Incorporating into Microscopy Systems

The MPM-SL is a premounted scan and tube lens combination that is designed to image the scan plane of a laser scanning mirror system onto the back aperture of the objective lens. The MPM-SL was designed for Thorlabs' multiphoton imaging systems and multiphoton essentials kit and is now available as a component to support the construction of custom multiphoton or other NIR imaging systems. The scan lens has an effective focal length (EFL) of 40 mm while the tube lens has an EFL of 200 mm. Both lenses are optimized for broadband NIR imaging in the 680 - 1400 nm wavelength range.

A typical application is shown in the shematic above. Light enters the system from the left, with the rays aligned either on-axis or off-axis. The scan and tube lens system relays the light through an objective, where it is focused onto a sample at a location dependent on the direction with which the rays entered the system.

The scan lens end of the system is SM1 threaded (1.035"-40) to be used with our SM1-threaded components and also has 4-40 tapped holes on 30 mm spacing for compatibility with our 30 mm cage system. The tube lens end of the unit features SM2 (2.035"-40) threading for compatibility with our SM2-threaded components. The tube lens end of the unit also attaches to the included dovetail adapter, which is designed for compatibility with our multiphoton essentials kit. These Thorlabs standard threads facilitate the construction of home-built imaging systems using standard components.

NIR Scan and Tube Lens for Multiphoton Imaging

Effective Focal LengthScan Lens: 40 mm
Tube Lens: 200 mm
Back Focal LengthaScan Lens: 33 mm
Working DistancebScan Lens: 30.0 mm
Tube Lens (without Dovetail Adapter): 133.2 mm
Tube Lens (with Dovetail Adapter): 72.4 mm
Entrance Pupil Diameter4 mm
Diffraction-Limited Field of ViewcFN12
Design Field-of-ViewcFN16 
F-Theta Distortion@FN16: <4.25%
@FN12: <2.25%
Optical Path Difference<0.25λ Across All Wavelengths

a. The back focal length is measured from the last optical surface of the lens.
b. The Working distance is measured from the edge of the housing.
c. The Field Number (FN) is given in mm. The Field of View of the imaging system equals the FN divided by the magnification of the objective lens.

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MPM-SL Support Documentation MPM-SL : Scan and Tube Lens System for Multiphoton Imaging, 680 - 1400 nm

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Posted Comments:
Poster: besembeson
Posted Date: 2014-09-10 12:16:28.0
Response from Bweh: You don't have to move the scanning system to scan different focal planes. In our multiphoton systems, optical sectioning is achieved by moving the objective with an objective piezo mount or the entire focusing rack by using the fine focusing knob of the microscope or a stepper motor.
Posted Date: 2014-08-25 18:12:23.383
Do I have to move the scanning system in order to scan different focal planes? Regards
Poster: syim
Posted Date: 2012-11-12 09:56:18.387
Hello. Is only the NIR scan lens of MPM-SL available? I need a NIR scan lens working in the wavelengths of 680-1050 nm. Thanks.
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MPM-SL Support Documentation
MPM-SL Scan and Tube Lens System for Multiphoton Imaging, 680 - 1400 nm
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