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Part NumberProduct Description
LPVISC100-MP2Ø25.0 mm SM1-Mounted Linear Polarizer, 510 - 800 nm
LPVISE050-AØ1/2" Linear Polarizer with N-BK7 Windows, 400-700 nm
LPVISE100-AØ1" Linear Polarizer with N-BK7 Windows, 400-700 nm
LPVISE200-AØ2" Linear Polarizer with N-BK7 Windows, 400-700 nm
LPVISE2X22" x 2" Dichroic Film Polarizer Sheet, 400 - 700 nm
LRM1Rotation Mount for Ø1" (25.4 mm) Optics, External SM1 Threads
LS2000BExtended Bandwidth SLD Source, 1325 nm, BW >170 nm
LS2000CExtended Bandwidth SLD Source, 1325 nm, Bandwidth > 170 nm
LS5-C-01A-20-NMTXP DWDM source 191.00 THz/1569.59 nm, 20mW, FC-A
LS5-C-01B-20-NMTXP DWDM source 191.05 THz/1569.18 nm, 20mW, FC-A
LS5-C-01C-20-NMTXP5000 DWDM source, 191.025 THz/1569.39 nm, 20mW,
LS5-C-01D-20-NMTXP5000 DWDM source, 191.075 THz/1568.98 nm, 20mW,
LS5-C-02A-20-NMTXP DWDM source 191.10 THz/1568.77 nm, 20mW, FC-A
LS5-C-02B-20-NMTXP DWDM source 191.15 THz/1568.36 nm, 20mW, FC-A
LS5-C-02C-20-NMTXP5000 DWDM source, 191.125 THz/1568.57 nm, 20mW,
LS5-C-02D-20-NMTXP5000 DWDM source, 191.175 THz/1568.16 nm, 20mW,
LS5-C-03A-20-NMTXP DWDM source 191.20 THz/1567.95 nm, 20mW, FC-A
LS5-C-03B-20-NMTXP DWDM source 191.25 THz/1567.54 nm, 20mW, FC-A
LS5-C-03C-20-NMTXP5000 DWDM source, 191.225 THz/1567.75 nm, 20mW,
LS5-C-03D-20-NMTXP5000 DWDM source, 191.275 THz/1567.34 nm, 20mW,
LS5-C-04A-20-NMTXP DWDM source 191.30 THz/1567.13 nm, 20mW, FC-A
LS5-C-04B-20-NMTXP DWDM source 191.35 THz/1566.72 nm, 20mW, FC-A
LS5-C-04C-20-NMTXP5000 DWDM source, 191.325 THz/1566.93 nm, 20mW,
LS5-C-04D-20-NMTXP5000 DWDM source, 191.375 THz/1566.52 nm, 20mW,
LS5-C-05A-20-NMTXP DWDM source 191.40 THz/1566.31 nm, 20mW, FC-A
LS5-C-05B-20-NMTXP DWDM source 191.45 THz/1565.90 nm, 20mW, FC-A
LS5-C-05C-20-NMTXP5000 DWDM source, 191.425 THz/1566.11 nm, 20mW,
LS5-C-05D-20-NMTXP5000 DWDM source, 191.475 THz/1565.7 nm, 20mW,
LS5-C-06A-20-NMTXP DWDM source 191.50 THz/1565.50 nm, 20mW, FC-A
LS5-C-06B-20-NMTXP DWDM source 191.55 THz/1565.09 nm, 20mW, FC-A
LS5-C-06C-20-NMTXP5000 DWDM source, 191.525 THz/1565.29 nm, 20mW,
LS5-C-06D-20-NMTXP5000 DWDM source, 191.575 THz/1564.88 nm, 20mW,
LS5-C-07A-20-NMTXP DWDM source 191.60 THz/1564.68 nm, 20mW, FC-A
LS5-C-07B-20-NMTXP DWDM source 191.65 THz/1564.27 nm, 20mW, FC-A
LS5-C-07C-20-NMTXP5000 DWDM source, 191.625 THz/1564.47 nm, 20mW,
LS5-C-07D-20-NMTXP5000 DWDM source, 191.675 THz/1564.07 nm, 20mW,
LS5-C-08A-20-NMTXP DWDM source 191.70 THz/1563.86 nm, 20mW, FC-A
LS5-C-08B-20-NMTXP DWDM source 191.75 THz/1563.45 nm, 20mW, FC-A
LS5-C-08C-20-NMTXP5000 DWDM source, 191.725 THz/1563.66 nm, 20mW,
LS5-C-08D-20-NMTXP5000 DWDM source, 191.775 THz/1563.25 nm, 20mW,
LS5-C-09A-20-NMTXP DWDM source 191.80 THz/1563.05 nm, 20mW, FC-A
LS5-C-09B-20-NMTXP DWDM source 191.85 THz/1562.64 nm, 20mW, FC-A
LS5-C-09C-20-NMTXP5000 DWDM source, 191.825 THz/1562.84 nm, 20mW,
LS5-C-09D-20-NMTXP5000 DWDM source, 191.875 THz/1562.44 nm, 20mW,
LS5-C-11A-20-NMTXP DWDM source 192.00 THz/1561.42 nm, 20mW, FC-A
LS5-C-11B-20-NMTXP DWDM source 192.05 THz/1561.01 nm, 20mW, FC-A
LS5-C-11C-20-NMTXP5000 DWDM source, 192.025 THz/1561.22 nm, 20mW,
LS5-C-11D-20-NMTXP5000 DWDM source, 192.075 THz/1560.81 nm, 20mW,
LS5-C-12A-20-NMTXP DWDM source 192.10 THz/1560.61 nm, 20mW, FC-A
LS5-C-12B-20-NMTXP DWDM source 192.15 THz/1560.20 nm, 20mW, FC-A
LS5-C-12C-20-NMTXP5000 DWDM source, 192.125 THz/1560.4 nm, 20mW,
LS5-C-12D-20-NMTXP5000 DWDM source, 192.175 THz/1560 nm, 20mW, FC
LS5-C-13A-20-NMTXP DWDM source 192.20 THz/1559.79 nm, 20mW, FC-A
LS5-C-13B-20-NMTXP DWDM source 192.25 THz/1559.39 nm, 20mW, FC-A
LS5-C-13C-20-NMTXP5000 DWDM source, 192.225 THz/1559.59 nm, 20mW,
LS5-C-13D-20-NMTXP5000 DWDM source, 192.275 THz/1559.19 nm, 20mW,
LS5-C-14A-20-NMTXP DWDM source 192.30 THz/1558.98 nm, 20mW, FC-A
LS5-C-14B-20-NMTXP DWDM source 192.35 THz/1558.58 nm, 20mW, FC-A
LS5-C-14C-20-NMTXP5000 DWDM source, 192.325 THz/1558.78 nm, 20mW,
LS5-C-14D-20-NMTXP5000 DWDM source, 192.375 THz/1558.38 nm, 20mW,
LS5-C-15A-20-NMTXP DWDM source 192.40 THz/1558.17 nm, 20mW, FC-A
LS5-C-15B-20-NMTXP DWDM source 192.45 THz/1557.77 nm, 20mW, FC-A
LS5-C-15C-20-NMTXP5000 DWDM source, 192.425 THz/1557.97 nm, 20mW,
LS5-C-15D-20-NMTXP5000 DWDM source, 192.475 THz/1557.57 nm, 20mW,
LS5-C-16A-20-NMTXP DWDM source 192.50 THz/1557.36 nm, 20mW, FC-A
LS5-C-16B-20-NMTXP DWDM source 192.55 THz/1556.96 nm, 20mW, FC-A
LS5-C-16C-20-NMTXP5000 DWDM source, 192.525 THz/1557.16 nm, 20mW,
LS5-C-16D-20-NMTXP5000 DWDM source, 192.575 THz/1556.76 nm, 20mW,
LS5-C-17A-20-NMTXP DWDM source 192.60 THz/1556.55 nm, 20mW, FC-A
LS5-C-17B-20-NMTXP DWDM source 192.65 THz/1556.15 nm, 20mW, FC-A
LS5-C-17C-20-NMTXP5000 DWDM source, 192.625 THz/1556.35 nm, 20mW,
LS5-C-17D-20-NMTXP5000 DWDM source, 192.675 THz/1555.95 nm, 20mW,
LS5-C-18A-20-NMTXP DWDM source 192.70 THz/1555.75 nm, 20mW, FC-A
LS5-C-18B-20-NMTXP DWDM source 192.75 THz/1555.34 nm, 20mW, FC-A
LS5-C-18C-20-NMTXP5000 DWDM source, 192.725 THz/1555.55 nm, 20mW,
LS5-C-18D-20-NMTXP5000 DWDM source, 192.775 THz/1555.14 nm, 20mW,
LS5-C-19A-20-NMTXP DWDM source 192.80 THz/1554.94 nm, 20mW, FC-A
LS5-C-19B-20-NMTXP DWDM source 192.85 THz/1554.54 nm, 20mW, FC-A
LS5-C-19C-20-NMTXP5000 DWDM source, 192.825 THz/1554.74 nm, 20mW,
LS5-C-19D-20-NMTXP5000 DWDM source, 192.875 THz/1554.34 nm, 20mW,
LS5-C-20A-20-NMTXP DWDM source 192.90 THz/1554.13 nm, 20mW, FC-A
LS5-C-20B-20-NMTXP DWDM source 192.95 THz/1553.73 nm, 20mW, FC-A
LS5-C-20C-20-NMTXP5000 DWDM source, 192.925 THz/1553.93 nm, 20mW,
LS5-C-20D-20-NMTXP5000 DWDM source, 192.975 THz/1553.53 nm, 20mW,
LS5-C-21A-20-NMTXP DWDM source 193.00 THz/1553.33 nm, 20mW, FC-A
LS5-C-21D-20-NMTXP5000 DWDM source, 193.075 THz/1552.73 nm, 20mW,
LS5-C-22A-20-NMTXP DWDM source 193.10 THz/1552.52 nm, 20mW, FC-A
LS5-C-22B-20-NMTXP DWDM source 193.15 THz/1552.12 nm, 20mW, FC-A
LS5-C-22C-20-NMTXP5000 DWDM source, 193.125 THz/1552.32 nm, 20mW,
LS5-C-22D-20-NMTXP5000 DWDM source, 193.175 THz/1551.92 nm, 20mW,
LS5-C-23A-20-NMTXP DWDM source 193.20 THz/1551.72 nm, 20mW, FC-A
LS5-C-23B-20-NMTXP DWDM source 193.25 THz/1551.32 nm, 20mW, FC-A
LS5-C-23C-20-NMTXP5000 DWDM source, 193.225 THz/1551.52 nm, 20mW,
LS5-C-23D-20-NMTXP5000 DWDM source, 193.275 THz/1551.12 nm, 20mW,
LS5-C-24A-20-NMTXP DWDM source 193.30 THz/1550.92 nm, 20mW, FC-A
LS5-C-24B-20-NMTXP DWDM source 193.35 THz/1550.52 nm, 20mW, FC-A
LS5-C-24C-20-NMTXP5000 DWDM source, 193.325 THz/1550.72 nm, 20mW,
LS5-C-24D-20-NMTXP5000 DWDM source, 193.375 THz/1550.32 nm, 20mW,
LS5-C-25A-20-NMTXP DWDM source 193.40 THz/1550.12 nm, 20mW, FC-A
LS5-C-25B-20-NMTXP DWDM source 193.45 THz/1549.72 nm, 20mW, FC-A
LS5-C-25C-20-NMTXP5000 DWDM source, 193.425 THz/1549.92 nm, 20mW,
LS5-C-25D-20-NMTXP5000 DWDM source, 193.475 THz/1549.52 nm, 20mW,
LS5-C-26A-20-NMTXP DWDM source 193.50 THz/1549.32 nm, 20mW, FC-A
LS5-C-26B-20-NMTXP DWDM source 193.55 THz/1548.91 nm, 20mW, FC-A
LS5-C-26C-20-NMTXP5000 DWDM source, 193.525 THz/1549.11 nm, 20mW,
LS5-C-26D-20-NMTXP5000 DWDM source, 193.575 THz/1548.71 nm, 20mW,
LS5-C-27A-20-NMTXP DWDM source 193.60 THz/1548.51 nm, 20mW, FC-A
LS5-C-27B-20-NMTXP DWDM source 193.65 THz/1548.11 nm, 20mW, FC-A
LS5-C-27C-20-NMTXP5000 DWDM source, 193.625 THz/1548.31 nm, 20mW,
LS5-C-27D-20-NMTXP5000 DWDM source, 193.675 THz/1547.92 nm, 20mW,
LS5-C-28A-20-NMTXP DWDM source 193.70 THz/1547.72 nm, 20mW, FC-A
LS5-C-28B-20-NMTXP DWDM source 193.75 THz/1547.32 nm, 20mW, FC-A
LS5-C-28C-20-NMTXP5000 DWDM source, 193.725 THz/1547.52 nm, 20mW,
LS5-C-28D-20-NMTXP5000 DWDM source, 193.775 THz/1547.12 nm, 20mW,
LS5-C-29A-20-NMTXP DWDM source 193.80 THz/1546.92 nm, 20mW, FC-A
LS5-C-29B-20-NMTXP DWDM source 193.85 THz/1546.52 nm, 20mW, FC-A
LS5-C-29C-20-NMTXP5000 DWDM source, 193.825 THz/1546.72 nm, 20mW,
LS5-C-29D-20-NMTXP5000 DWDM source, 193.875 THz/1546.32 nm, 20mW,
LS5-C-30A-20-NMTXP DWDM source 193.90 THz/1546.12 nm, 20mW, FC-A
LS5-C-30B-20-NMTXP DWDM source 193.95 THz/1545.72 nm, 20mW, FC-A
LS5-C-30C-20-NMTXP5000 DWDM source, 193.925 THz/1545.92 nm, 20mW,
LS5-C-30D-20-NMTXP5000 DWDM source, 193.975 THz/1545.52 nm, 20mW,
LS5-C-31A-20-NMTXP DWDM source 194.00 THz/1545.32 nm, 20mW, FC-A
LS5-C-31B-20-NMTXP DWDM source 194.05 THz/1544.92 nm, 20mW, FC-A
LS5-C-31C-20-NMTXP5000 DWDM source, 194.025 THz/1545.12 nm, 20mW,
LS5-C-31D-20-NMTXP5000 DWDM source, 194.075 THz/1544.72 nm, 20mW,
LS5-C-32A-20-NMTXP DWDM source 194.10 THz/1544.53 nm, 20mW, FC-A
LS5-C-32B-20-NMTXP DWDM source 194.15 THz/1544.13 nm, 20mW, FC-A
LS5-C-32C-20-NMTXP5000 DWDM source, 194.125 THz/1544.33 nm, 20mW,
LS5-C-32D-20-NMTXP5000 DWDM source, 194.175 THz/1543.93 nm, 20mW,
LS5-C-33A-20-NMTXP DWDM source 194.20 THz/1543.73 nm, 20mW, FC-A
LS5-C-33B-20-NMTXP DWDM source 194.25 THz/1543.33 nm, 20mW, FC-A
LS5-C-33C-20-NMTXP5000 DWDM source, 194.225 THz/1543.53 nm, 20mW,
LS5-C-33D-20-NMTXP5000 DWDM source, 194.275 THz/1543.13 nm, 20mW,
LS5-C-34A-20-NMTXP DWDM source 194.30 THz/1542.94 nm, 20mW, FC-A
LS5-C-34B-20-NMTXP DWDM source 194.35 THz/1542.54 nm, 20mW, FC-A
LS5-C-34C-20-NMTXP5000 DWDM source, 194.325 THz/1542.74 nm, 20mW,
LS5-C-34D-20-NMTXP5000 DWDM source, 194.375 THz/1542.34 nm, 20mW,
LS5-C-35A-20-NMTXP DWDM source 194.40 THz/1542.14 nm, 20mW, FC-A
LS5-C-35B-20-NMTXP DWDM source 194.45 THz/1541.75 nm, 20mW, FC-A
LS5-C-35C-20-NMTXP5000 DWDM source, 194.425 THz/1541.94 nm, 20mW,
LS5-C-35D-20-NMTXP5000 DWDM source, 194.475 THz/1541.55 nm, 20mW,
LS5-C-36A-20-NMTXP DWDM source 194.50 THz/1541.35 nm, 20mW, FC-A
LS5-C-36B-20-NMTXP DWDM source 194.55 THz/1540.95 nm, 20mW, FC-A
LS5-C-36C-20-NMTXP5000 DWDM source, 194.525 THz/1541.15 nm, 20mW,
LS5-C-36D-20-NMTXP5000 DWDM source, 194.575 THz/1540.76 nm, 20mW,
LS5-C-37A-20-NMTXP DWDM source 194.60 THz/1540.56 nm, 20mW, FC-A
LS5-C-37B-20-NMTXP DWDM source 194.65 THz/1540.16 nm, 20mW, FC-A
LS5-C-37C-20-NMTXP5000 DWDM source, 194.625 THz/1540.36 nm, 20mW,
LS5-C-37D-20-NMTXP5000 DWDM source, 194.675 THz/1539.96 nm, 20mW,
LS5-C-38A-20-NMTXP DWDM source 194.70 THz/1539.77 nm, 20mW, FC-A
LS5-C-38B-20-NMTXP DWDM source 194.75 THz/1539.37 nm, 20mW, FC-A
LS5-C-38C-20-NMTXP5000 DWDM source, 194.725 THz/1539.57 nm, 20mW,
LS5-C-38D-20-NMTXP5000 DWDM source, 194.775 THz/1539.17 nm, 20mW,
LS5-C-39A-20-NMTXP DWDM source 194.80 THz/1538.98 nm, 20mW, FC-A
LS5-C-39B-20-NMTXP DWDM source 194.85 THz/1538.58 nm, 20mW, FC-A
LS5-C-39C-20-NMTXP5000 DWDM source, 194.825 THz/1538.78 nm, 20mW,
LS5-C-39D-20-NMTXP5000 DWDM source, 194.875 THz/1538.38 nm, 20mW,
LS5-C-41A-20-NMTXP DWDM source 195.00 THz/1537.40 nm, 20mW, FC-A
LS5-C-41B-20-NMTXP DWDM source 195.05 THz/1537.00 nm, 20mW, FC-A
LS5-C-41C-20-NMTXP5000 DWDM source, 195.025 THz/1537.2 nm, 20mW,
LS5-C-41D-20-NMTXP5000 DWDM source, 195.075 THz/1536.81 nm, 20mW,
LS5-C-42A-20-NMTXP DWDM source 195.10 THz/1536.61 nm, 20mW, FC-A
LS5-C-42B-20-NMTXP DWDM source 195.15 THz/1536.22 nm, 20mW, FC-A
LS5-C-42C-20-NMTXP5000 DWDM source, 195.125 THz/1536.41 nm, 20mW,
LS5-C-42D-20-NMTXP5000 DWDM source, 195.175 THz/1536.02 nm, 20mW,
LS5-C-43A-20-NMTXP DWDM source 195.20 THz/1535.82 nm, 20mW, FC-A
LS5-C-43B-20-NMTXP DWDM source 195.25 THz/1535.43 nm, 20mW, FC-A
LS5-C-43C-20-NMTXP5000 DWDM source, 195.225 THz/1535.63 nm, 20mW,
LS5-C-43D-20-NMTXP5000 DWDM source, 195.275 THz/1535.23 nm, 20mW,
LS5-C-44A-20-NMTXP DWDM source 195.30 THz/1535.04 nm, 20mW, FC-A
LS5-C-44B-20-NMTXP DWDM source 195.35 THz/1534.64 nm, 20mW, FC-A
LS5-C-44C-20-NMTXP5000 DWDM source, 195.325 THz/1534.84 nm, 20mW,
LS5-C-44D-20-NMTXP5000 DWDM source, 195.375 THz/1534.45 nm, 20mW,
LS5-C-45A-20-NMTXP DWDM source 195.40 THz/1534.25 nm, 20mW, FC-A
LS5-C-45B-20-NMTXP DWDM source 195.45 THz/1533.86 nm, 20mW, FC-A
LS5-C-45C-20-NMTXP5000 DWDM source, 195.425 THz/1534.05 nm, 20mW,
LS5-C-45D-20-NMTXP5000 DWDM source, 195.475 THz/1533.66 nm, 20mW,
LS5-C-46A-20-NMTXP DWDM source 195.50 THz/1533.47 nm, 20mW, FC-A
LS5-C-46B-20-NMTXP DWDM source 195.55 THz/1533.07 nm, 20mW, FC-A
LS5-C-46C-20-NMTXP5000 DWDM source, 195.525 THz/1533.27 nm, 20mW,
LS5-C-46D-20-NMTXP5000 DWDM source, 195.575 THz/1532.88 nm, 20mW,
LS5-C-47A-20-NMTXP DWDM source 195.60 THz/1532.68 nm, 20mW, FC-A
LS5-C-47B-20-NMTXP DWDM source 195.65 THz/1532.29 nm, 20mW, FC-A
LS5-C-47C-20-NMTXP5000 DWDM source, 195.625 THz/1532.49 nm, 20mW,
LS5-C-47D-20-NMTXP5000 DWDM source, 195.675 THz/1532.09 nm, 20mW,
LS5-C-48A-20-NMTXP DWDM source 195.70 THz/1531.90 nm, 20mW, FC-A
LS5-C-48B-20-NMTXP DWDM source 195.75 THz/1531.51 nm, 20mW, FC-A
LS5-C-48C-20-NMTXP5000 DWDM source, 195.725 THz/1531.7 nm, 20mW,
LS5-C-48D-20-NMTXP5000 DWDM source, 195.775 THz/1531.31 nm, 20mW,
LS5-C-49A-20-NMTXP DWDM source 195.80 THz/1531.12 nm, 20mW, FC-A
LS5-C-49B-20-NMTXP DWDM source 195.85 THz/1530.72 nm, 20mW, FC-A
LS5-C-49C-20-NMTXP5000 DWDM source, 195.825 THz/1530.92 nm, 20mW,
LS5-C-49D-20-NMTXP5000 DWDM source, 195.875 THz/1530.53 nm, 20mW,
LS5-C-50A-20-NMTXP DWDM source 195.90 THz/1530.33 nm, 20mW, FC-A
LS5-C-50B-20-NMTXP DWDM source 195.95 THz/1529.94 nm, 20mW, FC-A
LS5-C-50C-20-NMTXP5000 DWDM source, 195.925 THz/1530.14 nm, 20mW,
LS5-C-50D-20-NMTXP5000 DWDM source, 195.975 THz/1529.75 nm, 20mW,
LS5-L-09A-20-NMTXP DWDM source 186.80 THz/1604.88 nm, 20mW, FC-A
LS5-L-22C-20-NMTXP5000 DWDM source, 188.125 THz/1593.58 nm, 20mW,
LS5-L-22D-20-NMTXP5000 DWDM source, 188.175 THz/1593.16 nm, 20mW,
LS5-L-23A-20-NMTXP DWDM source 188.20 THz/1592.95 nm, 20mW, FC-A
LS5-L-23B-20-NMTXP DWDM source 188.25 THz/1592.52 nm, 20mW, FC-A
LS5-L-23C-20-NMTXP5000 DWDM source, 188.225 THz/1592.73 nm, 20mW,
LS5-L-23D-20-NMTXP5000 DWDM source, 188.275 THz/1592.31 nm, 20mW,
LS5-L-24A-20-NMTXP DWDM source 188.30 THz/1592.10 nm, 20mW, FC-A
LS5-L-24B-20-NMTXP DWDM source 188.35 THz/1591.68 nm, 20mW, FC-A
LS5-L-24C-20-NMTXP5000 DWDM source, 188.325 THz/1591.89 nm, 20mW,
LS5-L-24D-20-NMTXP5000 DWDM source, 188.375 THz/1591.47 nm, 20mW,
LS5-L-25A-20-NMTXP DWDM source 188.40 THz/1591.26 nm, 20mW, FC-A
LS5-L-25B-20-NMTXP DWDM source 188.45 THz/1590.83 nm, 20mW, FC-A
LS5-L-25C-20-NMTXP5000 DWDM source, 188.425 THz/1591.04 nm, 20mW,
LS5-L-25D-20-NMTXP5000 DWDM source, 188.475 THz/1590.62 nm, 20mW,
LS5-L-26A-20-NMTXP DWDM source 188.50 THz/1590.41 nm, 20mW, FC-A
LS5-L-26B-20-NMTXP DWDM source 188.55 THz/1589.99 nm, 20mW, FC-A
LS5-L-26C-20-NMTXP5000 DWDM source, 188.525 THz/1590.2 nm, 20mW,
LS5-L-26D-20-NMTXP5000 DWDM source, 188.575 THz/1589.78 nm, 20mW,
LS5-L-27A-20-NMTXP DWDM source 188.60 THz/1589.57 nm, 20mW, FC-A
LS5-L-27B-20-NMTXP DWDM source 188.65 THz/1589.15 nm, 20mW, FC-A
LS5-L-27C-20-NMTXP5000 DWDM source, 188.625 THz/1589.36 nm, 20mW,
LS5-L-27D-20-NMTXP5000 DWDM source, 188.675 THz/1588.94 nm, 20mW,
LS5-L-28A-20-NMTXP DWDM source 188.70 THz/1588.73 nm, 20mW, FC-A
LS5-L-28B-20-NMTXP DWDM source 188.75 THz/1588.30 nm, 20mW, FC-A
LS5-L-28C-20-NMTXP5000 DWDM source, 188.725 THz/1588.51 nm, 20mW,
LS5-L-28D-20-NMTXP5000 DWDM source, 188.775 THz/1588.09 nm, 20mW,
LS5-L-29A-20-NMTXP DWDM source 188.80 THz/1587.88 nm, 20mW, FC-A
LS5-L-29B-20-NMTXP DWDM source 188.85 THz/1587.46 nm, 20mW, FC-A
LS5-L-29C-20-NMTXP5000 DWDM source, 188.825 THz/1587.67 nm, 20mW,
LS5-L-29D-20-NMTXP5000 DWDM source, 188.875 THz/1587.25 nm, 20mW,
LS5-L-30A-20-NMTXP DWDM source 188.90 THz/1587.04 nm, 20mW, FC-A
LS5-L-30B-20-NMTXP DWDM source 188.95 THz/1586.62 nm, 20mW, FC-A
LS5-L-30C-20-NMTXP5000 DWDM source, 188.925 THz/1586.83 nm, 20mW,
LS5-L-30D-20-NMTXP5000 DWDM source, 188.975 THz/1586.41 nm, 20mW,
LS5-L-31A-20-NMTXP DWDM source 189.00 THz/1586.20 nm, 20mW, FC-A
LS5-L-31B-20-NMTXP DWDM source 189.05 THz/1585.78 nm, 20mW, FC-A
LS5-L-31C-20-NMTXP5000 DWDM source, 189.025 THz/1585.99 nm, 20mW,
LS5-L-31D-20-NMTXP5000 DWDM source, 189.075 THz/1585.57 nm, 20mW,
LS5-L-32A-20-NMTXP DWDM source 189.10 THz/1585.36 nm, 20mW, FC-A
LS5-L-32B-20-NMTXP DWDM source 189.15 THz/1584.95 nm, 20mW, FC-A
LS5-L-32C-20-NMTXP5000 DWDM source, 189.125 THz/1585.16 nm, 20mW,
LS5-L-32D-20-NMTXP5000 DWDM source, 189.175 THz/1584.74 nm, 20mW,
LS5-L-33A-20-NMTXP DWDM source 189.20 THz/1584.53 nm, 20mW, FC-A
LS5-L-33B-20-NMTXP DWDM source 189.25 THz/1584.11 nm, 20mW, FC-A
LS5-L-33C-20-NMTXP5000 DWDM source, 189.225 THz/1584.32 nm, 20mW,
LS5-L-33D-20-NMTXP5000 DWDM source, 189.275 THz/1583.9 nm, 20mW,
LS5-L-34A-20-NMTXP DWDM source 189.30 THz/1583.69 nm, 20mW, FC-A
LS5-L-34B-20-NMTXP DWDM source 189.35 THz/1583.27 nm, 20mW, FC-A
LS5-L-34C-20-NMTXP5000 DWDM source, 189.325 THz/1583.48 nm, 20mW,
LS5-L-34D-20-NMTXP5000 DWDM source, 189.375 THz/1583.06 nm, 20mW,
LS5-L-35A-20-NMTXP DWDM source 189.40 THz/1582.85 nm, 20mW, FC-A

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