KINESIS V1.14.24 Release Notes (25 August 2020)





- KLC101 support provided.

- Polarity controls now disabled if triggering set to disabled.

- Settings window layout simplified and improved.

- Settings window size can now be modified by the User.


Bug Fixes


- Firmware Update Utility reprogramming times dramatically improved for KCubes and certain Integrated stages.

- Errors in C API documentation for the MPC (Polarizer) resolved (MPC_MoveToPosition and MPC_MoveRelative).

- Trigger Cycle Count was incorrectly limited to 100 cycles.

- Spelling mistake in piezo C example resolved - "UnegisterDevice()".

- KLD101 trunking/rounding issue in the main UI resolved.

- KCube trigger "Reverse parameters" were not persisted when set to "At Position (Both)".

- Reserved bytes now properly included in KMOT_TriggerConfig structure (C API).

- All references to "Backwards", "Bwd" and "Forwards" in the UI have been changed to "Reverse", "Rev" and

  "Forward" where appropriate.

- KCube trigger settings - References to "In - Homed" have been changed to "In - Home".

- Various internal changes to accommodate new 9-digit serial numbers.

- Device alias descriptive text "Roll" changed to "Role".

- Logging "Loading custome settings" changed to "Loading custom settings".

- BBD - Following a home operation the wrong position (and status) information was sometimes displayed until

  the stage moved.

- Kinesis Simulator - KIM001 Error message when Move Absolute made from simulator control.

                    - KIM001 error message when connecting: "Pipe Error: Invalid Sub Message".

                    - Travel range corrected for KBD101 and DDSM50(/M).


Device Firmware


- KBD101 (v2.0.6)

            - Added support for Hamamatsu joystick sensor.

            - Fixed default current limit and energy limit values for DDSM50 stage.




- KLD101

            - v2.0.11

                        - Fixed full scale rounding issue present when setting the full scale from Kinesis.

            - v2.0.12

                        - Added gating function for in EXT mode: (if <15mV the current is null in CC)

                        - Adjusted EXT IN gain error

                        - Improved auto zero of the output offset

                        - Enabled 2% circa of overdrive when in EXT IN mode


- KLS101 (v1.1.1)

            - Fixed a bug (introduced in v1.0.13) that could erase the calibration settings when

              loading the latest firmware on older devices.


- KNA101 (v1.1.15)

            - Support provided for legacy APT platform

            - APT status update



KINESIS V1.14.23 Release Notes (28 February 2020)





- DRV013, DRV014, DRV225, DRV250 - Homing limit switch match same value as homing direction

- Kinesis - Indicator now looks smooth

- Kinesis - Default homing offset changed to 15.5 for both the XY and X stages

- MPC minimum size of jogs now is 0.2 degrees


Bug Fixes


- Decimal separator character in different language bug fixed

- Kinesis - Solenoid "DisplayTimeout" and "Display Dim Intensity" values now correctly logged.

- KST101 serial number check bug fixed

- KST101 now has image on start screen


Device Firmware


- KST101 (v1.0.13)

            - The serial number is now immediately persisted after being set.



KINESIS V1.14.22 Release Notes (11 February 2020)





- KVS30 Support provided


Bug Fixes


- C API Serial Number bug fixed

- Fail to load error when connecting multiple devices to Kinesis fixed

- PPC channel orientation now horizontal in Kinesis UI

- Piezo devices in Kinesis Simulator can now set voltage


Device Firmware


- KIM101

            - v1.0.6 [Internal release only]

                        - Include all directional status bits for status updates.

            - v1.0.7

                        - Fixed introduced bug that stopped short circuit fault detection from working on all channels.


- KNA101 (v1.1.14)

            - The size of the firmware file has been reduced.


- KST101 (v1.0.12)

            - Trigger parameters are now persisted to allow stand alone use.


- KVS30

            - v1.0.2

                        - First release to production.

            - v1.0.3

                        - Changed default values for PID and move parameters.

            - v1.0.4

                        - Fixed problem with home velocity being set to zero after receiving homing parameters.


- PPC001 (v2.1.4)

            - Corrected position monitor scale factor.

            - Increased default fan speed due to obsolescence of original fan.


- PPC102 (v2.1.4)

            - Corrected position monitor scale factor.

            - Increased default fan speed due to obsolescence of original fan.


KINESIS V1.14.21 Release Notes (06 January 2020)





DRV225 maximum velocity reduced to 35 in default settings.





KINESIS V1.14.20 Release Notes (13 December 2019)





- DRV225 and DRV250 images updated.


Device Firmware


- KDC101 (v2.2.4)

            - Revised support for new wheel type.


- KIM001 (v1.0.1)

            - Initial release.


- KLD101 (v2.0.10)

            - Support for new wheel type.


- KLS101 (v1.0.15)

            - Support for new wheel type.


- KNA101

            - v1.1.11

                        - Added MMI lock (to block wheel and buttons).

                        - Added restore factory settings command.

            - v1.1.12

                        - Support for new wheel type.

            - v1.1.13

                        - Revised support for new wheel type.


- KPZ101 (v1.0.14)

            - Support for new wheel type.

            - Fixed bug - The menu option to enable the HV output did not work under certain circumstances.


- KSC101 (v1.0.6)

            - Revised support for new wheel type.


- KSG101 (v1.0.4)

            - Fixed issue with LCD contrast set to 0 for newly built units.

            - Fixed issue with the revision numbers being hard coded in several separate locations.

            - Support for new wheel type.


- KST101 (v1.0.11)

            - Revised support for new wheel type.


KINESIS V1.14.19 Release Notes (28 November 2019)





- Polarizer now supports position 'presets'.

- Naming of the groups in Settings has been reviewed.

- KIM001 support provided.

- KVS30 support provided.

- KIM - UI changes to improve clarity.

              - Power to all channels can now be disabled.

- Settings screen UI rework - Now user-resizable.

- All content can be accessed on small screens.

- Reduced automatic window resizing during tab switching.

- 'Device Controls' settings now refered to as 'On-Device Controls'.

- I/O terminology reviewed across devices.

- Rearranging of device panels can now only be performed from the device panel header bar (previously any 'whitespace' could be grabbed).

- Improved install file name and properties to better describe what they contain.


Bug Fixes:


- BBD - Triggers were not being applied or persisted to the device.

- BSC - Settings were not persisting.

- KIM - 'MoveBy' performed 'MoveTo' under certain circumstances.

              - Trigger Pulse Width now in microseconds (not Steps).

              - Pulse Width now in 'µsecs', was previously 'steps'.

- KLD - Changes to the diode polarity on the device are now shown in the UI.

              - Rounding error when 'setting' or stepping to 0.4.

- KPZ - Correct voltages now displayed when in the 100V range.

- NanoMax 600 - Default settings name has been corrected ('Axis' replaced with 'Axes').

- MMR - Fixed unhandled exception when accessing device information page.

- No longer experience an unhandled exception when settings options on devices with communication problems.

- Removed potential data truncation in DC Servo CLI.

- Simulated DDR25 stages were using DDR05 factors.




KBD101 firmware updates (Revision 2 cubes only).

            - v2.0.4

                        - Fixed issue with Trigger port #1 outputting servo debug pin signal.

            - v2.0.5

                        - Fixed issue with homing state machine getting stuck under some conditions.


KDC101 firmware updates (Revision 2 cubes only).

            - v2.2.3

                        - Message MGMSG_MOT_MOVE_STOPPED now sent when homing is stopped by external trigger.

                        - Added support for Hamamatsu joystick sensor.


KIM101 firmware update (v1.0.5).

            - Added support for new fan variant.


KLD101 firmware updates.

            - v2.0.2

                        - Refinements to self-test routine. No behavioural changes should be observed during normal operation.

            - v2.0.3

                        - Added a 500ms delay in the open circuit test routine.

                        - Avoids ringing by adding a step in the opposite polarity.

                        - Masked voltage readings during ON/OFF transitions.

            - v2.0.4

                        - Support added for new wheel hardware.

            - v2.0.5

                        - Improved modulation from EXT IN, there were rounding issues using integer math.

                        - Fixed a bug in CC mode when in SW control mode.

            - v2.0.6

                        - The diode polarity was not working when CC is enabled and the EXT IN is selected.

            - v2.0.7

                        - EXT IN mode can produce spikes sometimes when the setpoint is low current during the OFF -> ON transition.

            - v2.0.8

                        - Improved wheel sensitivity.

                        - Added delay in the OFF->ON transition to pulses still present in AG configuration.

                        - Improved the offset autozero during the power up sequence (to remove bias current).

                        - There are 10 items in the menu now

                                    - Added a way to change the reading measurement units from the menu (ITEM #9).

                                    - If the m.u. is changed then a packet is sent to Kinesis to update it.

                        - The KLD is now sending the new setpoint if the wheel is moved (change of setpoint).

                        - Improved reading packets with rounding up instead of trunking.

            - v2.0.9

                        - Improved 0x826 packets with rounding up instead of trunking.


KLS101 firmware update (v1.0.14).

            - Refinements to self-test routines. No behavioural changes should be observed during normal operation.


KPZ101 firmware updates.

            - v1.0.12

                        - The default (uncalibrated) value for contrast has been changed from 0 to 57.

            - v1.0.13

                        - Device now reports the correct output voltage to USB connections when in the "MaxVoltage=100V" mode.


KSC101 firmware update (v1.0.5).

            - Added support for new velocity wheel.


KST101 firmware update (v1.0.10).

            - Added support for new velocity wheel.


KINESIS V1.14.18 Release Notes (14/06/2019)






- Initial public release of Polarizer controller.

- Implemented feature in KPA101 to set the closed loop position..

- Kinesis will correct invalid EEPROM serial numbers for KBD101 and KSC101.

- Changed Pitch setting for Rotary Stages to Gear Ratio to match published values.

- Made the message text in startup Dialogs boxes more user friendly and removed redundant calls to 'XmlSettingsFile.CheckAndUpdateFile'.

- Added feature to KIM to allow the Stage Type to be selected. PIA or PD(R).

- Implemented KIM101 Stage Selection in Simulator.

- Added PID Tuner to TDI Engine.


Bug Fixes:


- MMR crashing on startup with rack modules containing channels.

- Fixed issues with Stop Immediate in sequencer not working correctly.

- Fixed issue with HardwareInfo being read before HostServer being defined at startup causing incorrect stage ID being read.

- Fixed issue in simulator where SetClosedLoopPosition was not defined - Fixed issue with incorrect HDR50 image not defined correctly.

- Fixed issue with BrushlessMotors reading settings from file instead of direct from device.

- Fixed crash on DLL Copy Utility.

- Fixed issue with devices not reinitializing settings after a power cycle.

- Fixed issue with KPA101 GainSense being reversed in settings editor.

- Fixed issue with KDC101 (version 2 firmmware) homing incorrectly.

- Fixed issue with reading default settings for NanoMax 300Z (DRV208).

- Fixed issue with KBD101/BBD101 restricted settings being inaccesable.

- Fixed issue with simulator creating invalid settings.

- Fixed issue with AutoOpenCloseLoop mode not being immediately applied

- Fixed issue with user.Config corruption by adding a recovery mechanism

- Modified simulator to remove support for Device Locking if the current real device does not support it.

- Modified sequencer to remove Lock / Unlock functions if device does not support it.

- Fixed issue with devices that do not have any sequencer functions (now lock / unlock) is not supported

- Fixed issue with SetVelocityParams on ModularStepperMotor and BenchtopStepperMotor

  Issue also effected BenchtopStepperMotor PIDLoopEncoderParams

- Fixed issue with Kinesis where Exceptions in constructor caused problems in shutdown

- Fixed issue with applications not remembering last position.




Updated C API Help for get/set MotorVelocityLimits, MotorTravelLimits, MotorTravelMode


KBD101 firmware update (v1.0.6 - Revision 1 cubes only).

Added "immediate stop on trigger input" feature.


KBD101 firmware update (v2.0.3 - Revision 2 cubes only).

Added "immediate stop on trigger input" feature.

Changed product string description to "KBD101 Motor Driver" (previously "KBD201 Motor Driver").


KDC101 firmware update (v1.2.2 - Revision 1 cubes only).

Added "immediate stop on trigger input" feature.

Added Kinesis server recognition and correct reporting of CR1-Z7 stage.


KDC101 firmware update (v2.2.2 - Revision 2 cubes only).

Added "immediate stop on trigger input" feature.

Added Kinesis server recognition and correct reporting of CR1-Z7 stage.


KLD101 firmware (v2.0.1 - Initial public release).


KIM101 firmware update (v1.0.4)

Allows stage selection via the server.


MPC220 firmware updates - v1.0.3

Device information string now "MPC220" (previously "MPC002").

 Paddle enable sequence is now staggered to reduce the peak USB current.

 v1.0.4 [Initial public release]

Actual paddle position now reported even when motor is disabled.

Paddle enable sequence is now staggered to reduce the peak USB current in 'Elliptec' mode too.


MPC320 firmware update - v1.0.3

Device information string now "MPC320" (previously "MPC003").

Paddle enable sequence is now staggered to reduce the peak USB current.


v1.0.4 [Initial public release]

Actual paddle position now reported even when motor is disabled.

Paddle enable sequence is now staggered to reduce the peak USB current in 'Elliptec' mode too.






KINESIS V1.14.17 Release Notes (25/04/2019)





Added support for HDR50

Updated Polarizer GUI to show a more obvious Enable / Disable.

Updated KLS101, KPA101 and KLD101 settings to refer to I/O 1 and 2 instead of Trigger 1 and 2

Updated KLD101 Max Current Settings to a simple numeric entry as TLD001 method is redundant.

Updated KLD101 Safety Key and Interlock LEDs to use Orange and Red respectively for the LED off states.


Bug Fixes:


Fixed issue with KLD101 not updating Power Units when Power Mode changed.

Fixed issue with Polarizer ctrating inconsistant settings on 1st use.

Fixed issue with KLD101 displayed Jog Step Size not updating.

Fixed issues with KLD101 displaying too many DP and not being consistent with device.

Fixed issue in Sequencer where double clicking scroll bar caused unexpected behaviour.

Fixed issue in KPA101 with Output Limits not being implemented in GUI correctly.

Fixed issue with BSC203 and NanoMax 600 (DRV208) settings causing an Exception.

Fixed issues with KLD101 SetPoint and Jogging being limited to 230mA instead of defined Max Current

Fixed issue with PPC001 raising error message when loaded into Kinesis.




KINESIS V1.14.16 Release Notes (20/03/2019)



Bug Fixes:


Fixed bug causing the KPZ101 UI to occasionally forget it's 'Device Controls' settings




Updated all device modules to mitigate inaccuracies caused by rounding errors.

KLD firmware

            - Initial release.

KNA firmware

            - File rename only.

K10CR1 firmware

            - Correct serial number now returned in hardware info structure (previously stuck at a constant value).

KBD firmware

            - Fixed problem with MGMSG_MOT_MOVE_HOMED message sent before the HOMED status bit is set.

            - In hardware information string, product name restored to "KBD101" (was "KBD101S" for never KBD devices).

BSC20X firmware

            - Allows Load/Unload without 'unavailable control' errors.





KINESIS V1.14.15 Release Notes (14/02/2019)





Added the Thorlabs.MotionControl.Kinesis.DLLutility for copying device components for user project development.

Added simulator support to Native C Device DLLS

Added a new feature in simulator to allow a device to output a pulse on the I/O ports (similat to Set Digital Output)

Updated Kinesis to report ftdixx errors in a more user friendly manner.


Bug Fixes:


Fixed issue with MFF101 Filter Flipper Transit Time not being set.

Fixed issue with Single Channel Benchtop Piezo not displaying device info.

Fixed bug in simulator where Benchtop Piezo devices had incorrect name.

Fixed issue in Kinesis where initializing  multiple devices could cause some devices to not fully initialize.





KLS firmware update - 'CONTROL SOURCE' requests are now reponded to correctly.



KINESIS V1.14.14 Release Notes (23/01/2019)






Updated all Kinesis Sequencer function names to be more readable.

Removed System Close button from Actuator / Settings selection dialog box.


Bug Fixes:


Fixed issue with Thorlabs.MotionControl.Benchtop.PrecisionPiezo.dll PPC_Open(serialNo) failing with error 6.

Fixed issue with KLS101 not setting Input Source correctly due to inconsistent enumeration.

Fixed issue with PID Loop Encoder in Settings GUI.

Fixed issue with Actuator / Settings selection dialog box appearing behind splash screen.

Fixed issue with Velocity Drive Parameters not being initialized for some motors.




Further fixes to example code (in documentation).

Additional impovements to API documentation.



KINESIS V1.14.13 Release Notes (11/01/2019)






Implemented Polarizer control.

Added improvements to Kinesis startup:

            Splash screen is now movable.

            Kinesis load can be cancelled from Splash screen.

            Kinesis load times have been improved.

Improved HID Analog Input calibration to provide narrower bands in less than 1% increments.

Added an option to not use an available HID device by selecting the 'None' option.

Added message to settings page to show when parameters are read only.

Added feature to prevent devices from being loaded until they are fully awake and initialized. (device greyed out until ready)

Modified Device's main GUI to add parameter validation on entry:

            Out of range parameters are no longer truncated or coerced to Min/Max values.

            Action button, i.e. SetPosition is now disabled if parameter is out of range.

            Red border is applied to indicate out of range values.

Added Triggered stop option to KST101 trigger input options.


Bug Fixes:


Fixed inconsistancy with the LoadSettings API method between devices causing settings to not be read from the settings file.

            Affects devices BDC101, BNT001, LSTxxx, K10CR1, MLJ50, MLJ150, KIM101, KLD101, KLS101, KNA101, TIM001, TLD001, TLS001, TNA001, TEC001.

Fixes to Joystick / Game Controller configuration:

            Fixed issues with long device names causing issues.

            Fixed issue when no HID device was installed.

            Fixed issue with illegal characters in HID device name.

            Hide HID device mappings when no device selected.

Fixed inconsistencies between LoadSettings implementations.

Fixed issue with PPC102 controllers not initializing correctly.

Fixed some rounding issues with KPA101 / TQD001 Set Position causing a lack of reproducability.

Fixed issue with KNA101 and TNA001 Circle Parameter not being applied correctly.

Fixed issue with zoom level being set to 0 and therefore not showing devices.

Fix for invalid drive parameters in Brushless motor drive parameters.

Fixed issue when exception is raised during shut down of some multi channel controllers.

Fix for KST101 raising an exception at statup.

Fixed issue with Kinesis not always connecting simulated devices.

Fixed issue with Sequencer panel sizes hiding buttons.

Fixed issue with Splash Screen hiding Actuator / Settings selection dialog boxes.

Fixed issue with LTS button 2 not working in MoveTo mode




Various fixes to example code (in documentation).

Impoved API documentation.

Updated firmware for KIM101.

Firmware for MPC (Motorised Polarization Controller) devices.

Updated to latest version of WPFToolkit.





KINESIS V1.14.12 Release Notes (24/10/2018)




Implemented KVS30 Calibration coefficient

Implemented initial PPC Optical input support

Implemented Dual Channel View on PPC102

Added support for DRV208 stage


Bug Fixes:


Updated KVS30 images

Changed DRV001 HomeOffset setting to 0.5

PPC001/PPC102 Issue with units being tied to Open / Closd loop mode resolved

Updated code to prevent LabView failing to reading classes

Updated Controls library to provide more consistant implementation across different device controls




Various UI improvements

Various API Documentation improvements

Various code examples improvements


Updated firmware for BSC202 and BSC203 devices.

            - Individual channel cards now software reset after not receiving a status update for 10 seconds.

Updated firmware for KNA101

Updated firmware for KBD101

Updated firmware for KIM101



KINESIS V1.14.11 Release Notes (20/08/2018)




Updated firmware for KST101




KINESIS V1.14.10 Release Notes (06/08/2018)




All 'Main' Windows now remember their state between sessions.

Sequencer window position is now remembered between sessions.

Added support for future PY004Z8 and Z9 series stages.

Added links from Help box and Device Info windows to respective website pages.

Updated KVS PID settings.

Added SetStageType command to C API for KST101.  Requires Power Cycle once called.


Bug Fixes:


Fixed issue with simulator failing to load TLD001.

Fixed issue switching between Imperial stages and Metric stages in settings.

Fixed issue with ModularRack GetStepperChannel definition.

Added missing KSG101 .h and .lib files from installation.

Changed option in C DLLs causing settings to not load correctly in LoadSettings and LoadNamedSettings methods.

Fixed incorrect Pitch value for stand alone DRV001

Fixed issue with Simulator not giving correct positions for Stepper Motors using Harfware Revision = 1

Fixed issue causing KIM101 to not be found when used in LabView.




Removed Erroneous SetStageAxis documentation for TBD001 and KBD101

Updated firmware for KSC101

Updated firmware for KNA101








KINESIS V1.14.9 Release Notes (20/06/2018)




Added option in simulator to change the simulated actuator.  (When simulation stopped)

Sequence Repeat option (show / hide) is now persisted.

Creating a new sequence automatically opens the editor.

Simulated devices now show "Simulated" on title bat, alternated with serial number.

Sequencer cycle counter is now persisted with the option to continue or restart cycle counting.

Simulator output logs are now time stamped.

Option to Copy and Save simulator output log content

Sequencer now issues a Stop command to all moving devices when the sequencer is stopped.


Bug Fixes:


Fixed issue whereby a device detects a change in actuator when disconnected.

Fixed issue with Piezo LUT methods in C and .Net APIs.

Fixed issue with TIM001 occasionally generating a corrupt status value.

Fixed various PPC102 settings issues.

Fixed issue with JogParameters class not initializing itself in its constructor.

Fixed run time issue when a sequence is paused.

Corrected TPA101 / KPA101 C API Issues with missing functions

Fixed missing Tracking settings on BNT001

Fixed issue with Jogging whereby a fast click would start but not always stop the device.

Fixed issue with Back to Back move steps in sequencer occasionally skipping the second move.

Fixed identification of channels on PPC102.

Fixed communication issues with MMR601 (MPZ601, MNA601, MST602) causing Kinesis to 'stall' during initializtion.

Fixed issue with Right aligned checkboxes being mirrored.




Added a redirection file so that BDC103 (serial number 70xxxxxx) can be identified as a BDC103 not a BSC203.

Updated KPZ101 firmware.

Added WinForms controls for MMR601 devices (MPZ601, MNA601, MST602) for use with LabView.







KINESIS V1.14.8 Release Notes (15/05/2018)




Digital readouts now use a fixed-width font and are right-aligned.

Added option in SequenceManager to update a sequence to use current actuators

Updated all Sequence Views to show Actautor mismatches

Changed Tracking LED to Low Signal and changed colour to amber from green

Updated all Windows to standardize use of OK, Cancel, Close etc.

Added Help button to Simulator

Added Help button to Kinesis and TestClient

Added keyboard shortcuts to sequencer

Added keyboard shortcuts to Simulator

Various improvements to Zoom Feature. Mouse Wheel, Displayed scale, Default selections.

Added Ctrl +, Ctrl - and Ctrl 0 shortcuts for zooming

Enabled Forward homing for BBD203 and TDI001

Implemented Calibration Download mechanism for devices that support calibration files

Various Simulation creation improvements, i.e. Sort Hardware by newest first, Auto create simulation serial number.

Sequencer Load will now remember the last path used to load a sequence.

Implemented the KCube lock / unlock feature in API and Kinesis App

Updated all device GUI to use Fixed Point decimal place and to Right align Display Values.

Added more Tooltips to Application options

Added option to globally ignore locally stored settings and always use Device Persisted settings


Bug Fixes:


Added restriction on HID device selection width to fix oversize window problem

Fixed issue with Simulated Devices having no title or description.

Fixed issue with sequencer where added devices had no title or description

Fixed issue with KIM101 not updating after Zero

Fixed issue with KIM101 Channels not Enabling / Disabling correctly

Fixed issue with KIM101 Channel not being enabled after mode switch

Fixed NanoTrak Tracking Threshold in simulator

Fixed bug in NumericUpDown controls with invalid FormatString

Fixed issues with 2 sequences of the same name being loaded at the same time

Fixed Kinesis restart issue when using simulator

Fixed issue with Travel Ranges of Rotational devices in various modes

Fixed issue with LabView crashing when closing a device

Fixed issue with KIM simulation

Fixed issue with devices not loading after a previous load failure




Various Firmware updates

Various UI Tweaks.

KINESIS V1.14.7 Release Notes (12/03/2018)




Implemented Channel Selection / Enable on KIM101.

Implemented Trigger Error indicator on KIM101.

Removed the Save button from the Kinesis Main Toolbar, which now persists settings on exit.

Removed the Load startup option from Device Options as it is now redundant because of persist on exit.

Removed the event log startup options as these are now persisted independantly.

Updated Simulator communications module to improve communications and reduce simulation connection / disconnection problems.

Minor changes to Piezo Controller displays to make them more logical.

Modified NanoTrak Level Indicator to be more readable.

Added options to stop / resume simulations (individually or all)

Updated Graph zooming options, improved visibility etc. on all X-Y plots


Bug Fixes:


Fixed issue with TSG001 and KSG101 nit updating display correctly when mode changes.

Fixed issue with added Alias Names not been applied to UI.

Fixed issues with some event logs not logging event parameters

Fixed issue causing 2 channel Piezo controllers to fail to load.

Fixed issue with KPA Digital Readout tooltip.

Fixed issue with Benchhtop NanoTrak displaying dBm rather than dB.

Fixed issue with Sequence Pause waiting until end of Sequence Event.  It now pauses device(s) at next device event(s)

Fixed outstanding with Kinesis occasionally locking after disconnect from simulator.

Fixed issue with Identify command on Benchtop controllers not identifying channels.

Added fix for potential culture issues, i.e. decimal separator '.' or ','




Ongoing continuous documentation improvements

Various Firmware updates (KPZ, KNA. KLS)





KINESIS V1.14.6 Release Notes (01/02/2018)




Updated all Applications so that they and any sub windows remember their last position.

Improved Kinesis Sequencer MRU List allowing users to Pin recently used Sequence Files and to modify the number of Sequence Files remembered.

Added C API function to all devices to load named settings. xx_LoadNamedSettings(...).

Implemented Dual Channel interface for KIM101.

Removed Stability options from KLSnnn.

Locked Toolbars on Kinesis Main Window to avoid confusion

Updated range of Benchtop Precision Piezo Controller PID settings.

Renamed all references to Joystick with Wheel in all KCube devices (except KIM101)


Bug Fixes:


Fixed issue with BPC202 not connecting to Kinesis

Fixed issue with PPC102 displaying incorrect MaxTravel values.

Fixed all settings Integer/Numeric updown control to have defined width as opposed to expanding width.

Fixed issues with TDC001 not displaying stage list correctly

Fixed issue with KNA101 scan image being inverted.

Fixed issue with sequencer whilst cutting and pasting steps that contain Repeat -> NameTag combinations.

Fixed issue with Sequencer Cycle Time / Run Time overflow by restricting sequence to 10million steps.

Fixed issue with TIM101/KIM101 not applying channel configuration at statup.

Fixed issue with MLJ050/150 settings selection.

Fixed issue with Motors not resetting state after a disconnect is detected leaving the GUI in an undefined state on reconnection.




Updated API Help Files with improved example for MMR602 and modules.

Updated API Help Files to show inheritance trees and various improvements (ongoing process)

Various Firmware updates



KINESIS V1.14.5 Release Notes (24/12/2017)




Applied new stage identification process, implemented for KDC101 in v1.14.4, to TDC001, KST101


Bug Fixes:


Fixed logging issues when using MST601

Fixed continuous drive issue with MST601

Fixed reconnect issue with MMR601 (extended wait duration to 20 seconds before connecting)

Fixed issue with MST601 and MPZ601 logging against incorrect channel

Fixed issue with MST601 driving channel 2 in the wrong direction

Fixed inconsistency when selecting stage settings for MLJ050/MLJ150

Fixed issue where pasting a selection containing Repeat / NameTag is implemented incorrectly

Fixed issue where deleting selection containing a NameTag is prohibited even when the usage is also deleted

Fixed issue with Sequence Cycle time over running. Total sequence cycle time is now restricted)

Fixed issue with TIM101/KIM101 channel configuration not being remembered.




Removed ResetConnection button from device GUIs as it no longer being used due to auto reconnect feature

Scan direction of KNA101 has been reversed and is now bottom to top




KINESIS V1.14.4 Release Notes (13/12/2017)

(V1.14.2 and 1.14.3 internal release only)




Updated KIM101 C API with latest features

Updated KIM101 DotNet API with latest features

Updated KNA101 C API with latest features

Updated KNA101 DotNet API with latest features

Implemented XY Scanning in KNA101

Added cycles completed to sequence log

Changed Sequence run and Sequence cycle times format to d hh:mm when greater than 24 hours

Added both LimitSwitch LEDs to motor UIs.

Moved motor error indicator into motor status bar




Bug Fixes:


Implemented fix for DC motor inaccuracy

Added missing parameters error code and updated documentation

Fixed issue with Sequence event numbering when repeats steps are used

Fixed issue with MST602 and MPZ602 where settings not being initialized for channel 2

Fixed issue with long (+24 hour) sequences crashing Kinesis

Fixed issue with some Stepper motor stages not appearing in TST001 stage list

Fixed issue with KSC101 remaining in active state after a switch cycle has been completed

Fixed crash in TIM001 (and potentially KIM101) when driving the device through the DotNet API calls MoveTo, MoveRelative and Jog commands

Removed Settled Current Loop Settings from KBD101 as they are now obsolete

Fixed various issues with PY004Z8

Fixed issue with Sequences stalling when a sequence has an empty Device Event

Fixed bug in Solonoid controllers GUI get stuck in wrong state after a fast switching cycle has been performed




Removed obsolete settled current loop parameters from KBD101








KINESIS V1.14.1 Release Notes (02/10/2017)





Bug Fixes:


Fixed issue caused by sequencer generating large numbers of errors.

Fixed issue with large numbers of errors slowing down Kinesis to the point that the PC becomes unresponsive.

Fixed issue with Sequence Editor not displaying correctly on low resolution PCs




Added support for DDR15 ready for product release


KINESIS V1.14.0 Release Notes (02/10/2017) (Internal Release Only)




Implemented CheckBox option to override device startup option to allow connecting to a device without applying startup settings.

Implemented status bits access for BPC, BSC and BDC controllers.

PPC102 will not display position in mrads when using a PGM1S stage.

Updated MLJ050 to support MLJ150.

Removed Over range and Under range from PPC001/102 as these have been downgraded.


Added the RotationMode settings to DotNet API

Added the RotationMode settings to C API


Bug Fixes:


Fixed issue when running KPA101 and TPA101 on simulator with Circle Diameter not being updated correctly.

Fixed issue with KPZ101 Piezo trigger / wheel Jog Step size getting corrupted.

Fixed issue with BSC201 reporting itself as 40xxxxxx-1

Updated image for KLSnnn controller




Added KIM101 support ready for product release

Added KVS30 support ready for product release

Added KNA101 support ready for product release




KINESIS V1.13.0 Release Notes (12/09/2017)




Implemented option to group channels into a single entity.

       Option can be set and stored using Device Options.

       Devices can be grouped and Ungrouped using new icon on Device Title bar

Implemented Homing to Forward Hardware Limit on TST101


Bug Fixes:


Fixed issue on BBD203 and TDI001 with trigger setting not being applied.

Fixed issue with Homing and Limits parameters not being persisted on TST101 and KST101

Fixed issue with Set / Request CircleHomePos commands not working correctly




TTC001 has now been correctly named in all documentation (previously refferred to as TEC001)



KINESIS V1.12.0 Release Notes (22/08/2017)





Added feature to use either the device current settings or the stored default settings.

       Option is enabled in the File->Options Dialogue Box

       Settings 'source' is highlighted in the relevent settings pages


Redesigned PPC101 PID Tuner to provide better user experience

       Grouped all PID parameters onto 1 page

       Added a set by weight to set the starting position for tuning by weight.


Added support for upcoming PPC102



Bug Fixes:


Tweak to Stepper Motor DeviceUnitConverter for all stepper motor based devices to correct a small inaccuracy in the velocity conversion factor.

Fixed issue with minimum Motor Jog Step Size being rounded up incorrectly.

Fixed connection issue with MMR601 incorrectly disconnecting

Removed Display Mode options from KLS101 display.

Fixed issue with Force Sensor parameter changes not being recognised.

Fixed issue with PPC101 not being recognised in sequencer.

Fixed LTS300 Hot Swapping issue.

Tweaked PPC101 input voltage range to -25 to 135.

Fixed issue with PPC101 JogStep not being updated from the settings dialog.

Fixed issue with PPC101 Stage name being displayed incorrectly.

Fixed various issues with the use of Feedback source on different stages.

Fixed the PPC101 issue with the default MaxVoltage being set to 75 bot 150v

Changed PPC101 display to reflect changes between open  / closed loop.

Fixed issue with sequencer not recognising changes in rotation mode in certain devices.

Fixed issue with Kinesis not reconnecting devices after a power cycle.

Fixed issue with motors being initialized with an invalid converter.

Updated motor display parameters to provider greater resolution.





Updated KST101 firmware.

Updated KPA101 firmware.

Updated PPC101 firmware.

Updated TDI101 firmware.

Updated KDC101 firmware.

Updated BBD201 firmware.


Added missing LoopEncoderParameters method in API functions for BSC203 and KST101

Added missing PersistSettings method in API functions for all devices



KINESIS V1.11.5 Release Notes (19/06/2017)


Bug Fixes:


Fixed issue with sequencer not comparing actuators correctly when hot swapping devices

Fixed issue with MMR devices falsely disconnecting

Fixed issue with Force Sensor parameter changes not being recognised on PPC101

Fixed issue with sequencer not recognising PPC101

Fixed issues with devices not reconnecting after a comms disconnect or power cycle

Fixed issue with Sequencer settings not reflecting device settings

In particular changing Motor rotational settings did not add / remove MoveContinuous options





Removed display options from KLS101 settings as they are no longer required with new display

Changed HardwareInfo structure reader to accept stage name variations for PPC101 / PPC102 i.e. PFM450, PFM450_M, PFM450E, PFM450E_M

Changed PPC101 minimum input voltage to -25V

Changed PPC101 display to reflect open / closed loop state

Added Stage name to PPC101 GUI

Updated image for PPC101




Added new firmware for KST101 v1.06

Added new firmware for KPA101





KINESIS V1.11.4 Release Notes (18/05/2017)

Factory Production release only


Bug Fixes:



Fixed issue where sometimes a sequence will skip the 1st or 2nd event in a sequence

Fixed issue where sometimes devices will not load when powered up after a power down.

Fixed issue where Sequence Manager is not available when any sequence is running

Fixed issue where Sequencer cannot match up two devices if the actuator is different.  (actuators deemed identical, i.e Z825, Z825B and Z825V should be treated as the same




Removed Operating Mode from KLS101 as it is redundant

Tweaked KLS101 input source labels




KINESIS V1.11.3 Release Notes (15/05/2017)

Factory Production release only


Bug Fixes:





Added Over Temp / Under Range / Over Range indicators to PPC001

Added option to select product in PPC001 if not known by controller

Added option to select detector type in TPA101 / KPA101

Updated GUI so positions are shown in mm for PDP90A

Updated PPC001 so that it reads product type from Hardware Info




Fixed errata in API documents relating to TriggerConfig and TriggerParams




KINESIS V1.11.2 Release Notes (05/05/2017)


Bug Fixes:


Fixed bug causing customer applications to not work due to uninitialized event logger

Fixed issue with Device Sequences Insert Menu not displaying correctly




Added option to allow device IDs to be used in sequence logger output name

Added process for a Sequence to automatically replace a missing device with a compatible device.

Added options to allow devices to load directly into GUI when connected and be removed from GUI when disconnected

Updated Sequence Pause option to provide a custom message and a better range of audible warnings

Added option to allow device IDs to be used in sequence logger output name




Updated API documentation with updated example programs for devices

Added lower MaxVelocity parameter for use with LTS100/LTS150 and NRTxxx stages to avoid crashing into end stop at high speed when performing continuous moves.

Updated API documentation with updated example programs for devices



KINESIS V1.11.1 Release Notes (04/05/2017)


Note. Internal release only






KINESIS V1.11.0 Release Notes (19/04/2017)


Bug Fixes:


Fixed issue with Motor Devices minimum jog step being too large.

Fixed issue with missing support for KLS101.

Fixed issue with creating Custom Settings on Aliased settings.

Fixed issue with log file count not being restricted.

Fixed some stability issues with HID 3 Axis joystick.

Fixed issue with BPC203 always resetting output on startup.




Replaced current logging mechanism with new logging tool giving greater flexibility.  (Nicrosoft.Practices DotNet components removed)

Sequencer can now output sequence specific logging to a separate named, configurable log file

Added support for PRMTZ8 stage for DC Motors.

Added ability to set I/O output from within a sequence

Structured Sequence Device Commands into sub groups.





Fixed Benchtop StepperMotor API documentation errata

Updated low level device APIs with missing functions for KSC101, TSC001, MFF101, TEC101, TIM101

Updated low level device APIs with missing functions for Piezo Devices

Updated DotNet device APIs with missing functions for KSC101, TSC001, MFF101, TEC101, TIM101

Updated DotNet device APIs with missing functions for Piezo Devices

Updated LTS firmware

Updated default settings for 3 Axis controller.




KINESIS V1.10.0 Release Notes (07/03/2017)


Bug Fixes:


Fixed issue with HID error message being raised on some PC

Fixed issue with Stepper Motors Enable/Disable state not being handled until a status is processed




Added Display Dim and Display Timeout fields to Device Display Intensity for all KCubes to dim intensity of display

Added option to filter Legacy Actuators from Motor Actuator List

Added a number of Actuator Aliases to the Motor Actuator Lists


Added CheckConnection(serialNo) functions to Native and DotNet libraries to check the connetion is still established


Added support for KLS101




Added wrapper class USBDeviceManager to manage USB Connection / Disconnection


KINESIS V1.9.3 Release Notes (20/01/2017)


Bug Fixes:


Fixed issue with TSC001 and KSC101 having incorrect on/off cycle duration limits

Fixed issue with KPZ101 output being clipped at 32767 (50%)

Fixed bug where API function GetVelocityParsms returns incorrect values

Fixed issue with displaying images for LTSxxx and K10CR1 devices

Fixed issues with PID Calibration Coefficient resetting on KST and BSC

Fixed KPA101 output range issue

Fixed Serial Number mismatch issue




Added images to Settings Pages for Motor Devices

Filter stepper motor actuators into LS and HS depending on hardware revision




Added Hardware Version to simulator to test Hardware version specific code





KINESIS V1.9.2 Release Notes (20/12/2016)


Bug Fixes:


Fixed issue with Joystick / HID Controller velocities not updating quick enough.

Fixed issue with Joystick / HID Controller reversing velocities not being implemented

Fixed Issue with BDC101 mis-addressed causing commands not to be actioned

Fixed issue with multiple exceptions being raise when Registering Devices

Fixed issue with devices (KDC101 missing from Sequence Manager)




Added warning to Output Log if a device serial number mismatch is detected





KINESIS V1.9.1 Release Notes (08/12/2016)


Bug Fixes:


Fixed issue Timeout detection on Benchtop devices not working correctly.

Fixed issue with Benchtop devices not restarting when closed and reopened using the C API.

Added various missing C API functions in LaserSource and LaserDiode DLLs.

Added missing Request functions from C API.




Modified Sequence Manager to allow devices to be replaced with similar, i.e KDC <==> TDC.

Modified Sequencer to allow pauses to be added to the Sequence Events using named audible alerts.





Tweaked CodeSnippet_identification.cpp to use a real header.  NOTE any header could have been used.

Updated DotNet_API documentation to show how to define an actuator type.

Updates to production Stall Test variation.

Various device settings tweaked.



KINESIS V1.9.0 Release Notes (23/11/2016)


Bug Fixes:


Updated a number of stage parameters

Removed the block preventing MST206 and BSC20x stages from moving if not homed.

Images for KSC101, KSG101 and KPA101 have been replaced with appropriate images

Fixed bug with KPZ101 where voltage changes are not being forwarded to UI

Added missing .h and .lib files for PositionAligner





Added DLLs to support legacy BDC10x.

Standardized the Devices List to include Device SerialNo, Device Name and Device Image

Added ability to set and use Device Aliases for better motor identification


Made DLL Device Image available to .Net API

Added Missing functions to APIs for Get/SetVelocityParameters




Added Test Client to installation

Added draft KPA101 implementation



KINESIS V1.8.0 Release Notes (18/10/2016)


Bug Fixes:


Removed Slew Rate Settings from BPC301 / BPC303 as the function is not implemented in the controllers

Fixed issue with Benchtop Piezo BPC301 Single Channel device reporting 3 channels

Depracated the confusing NeedsHoming function on motors and replaced with CanMoveWithoutHomingFirst function

Fixed issues with Motor Limit Switch options not including all options

Fixed issue with SCC_GetMotorParamsExt not working correctly

Added missing KSC101 dlls




Updated project to use DotNet Framework 4.5.2

Updated KPA101 To include triggering, Digital Outputs and Auto Open Close Loop mode

Updated Joystick module to support Shuttle XPress

Added additional API methods to expose stage limits (Position, Velocity and Acceleration)

Added additional API functions to convert real world units to device units, i.e mm <==> micro steps




Updated KST101 to include new Encoded stages

Updated BSC201 / BSC203 to include new Encoded stages





KINESIS V1.7.0 Release Notes (04/08/2016)


Bug Fixes:


Fixed simulator for devices using MLS203-X and MLS203-Y stages

Fixed issue where settings / parameter changes made by LabView code at DotNet API were not being reflected in GUI.

Fixed some Simulator crash issues

Fixed simulator so it cannot be shutdown whilst simulations active

Fixed issue with velocity and acceleration parameters being swapped between external DotNet API and Native code

Removed erroneous KSC101 Trigger options

Fixed some Joystick / gamepad issues.  Now works with Thorlabs 3 axis controller

Fixed issue with KPZ101 not remembering the correct Hub input channel

Fixed C API issues for Brushless Motors and NanoTraks

Updated documentation for Benchtop devices to clarify use of serial number and channel number

Updated C API header files to use strict C declarations to make compatible with LabView C compiler




Added KPA101 Device (Preliminary)

Completed KSG101 implementation

Added Firmware update utility to install

Added PLS-X stage settings to BBD203

Updated KSC101 shutter range. Now 0.01 to 1000 seconds

Modified splash screen to include initialization status

Added some methods to the C API (all devices) to set and read a comms activity timer to detect disconnections.

Added extended triggering options to KCube Motors to trigger at limits

Added option to reset persisted stage settings in all devices that support the reset command

Added encoder PID Loop parameters and updated UI to show encoder for KST101, BSCxxx. (Requires firmware updates and appropriate encoded stage)




Updated firmware for KST101 to v 1.0.2

Updated firmware for KDC101 to v 1.0.6

Updated firmware for KBD101 to v 1.0.3:






KINESIS V1.6.0 Release Notes (16/06/2016)


Bug Fixes:


Fixed issue with TTC001 Setting temperature

Fixed issue with TDI Engine crashing due to NULL Device Messages received

Fixed issue with EncoderCounter not being updated on DC Motors

Fixed issue with KCube Motors not triggering correctly in Trigger modes

Fixed issue with Digital I/O commands not working as expected on Benchtop Devices

Fixed issue with Digital I/O not being implemented on KCubes

Fixed 64 bit install locations




Added KSC101 Device

Added KSG101 Device (Preliminary)

Added Max Velocity and Max Acceleration to Stage Parameters

Added option to Disable External Joystick on Brushless Motors

Updated drivers to assist in recognition of device type by driver




Added TCC001 device to simulator

Documentation and help files updated to include Joystick instructions

Documentation and help files updated with additional Digital I/O support




KINESIS V1.5.0 Release Notes (18/05/2016)




Implemented Joystick  control of devices using standard windows controllers (Game Controllers and Joysticks)




KINESIS V1.4.3 Release Notes (19/04/2016)


Bug Fixes:


Fixed issue with Homing Parameters on some devices

Fixed issue with settings layout on motors

Fixed issue with inability to Home stages to the Forward Limit

Fixed issue with Kinesis Application always loading fullscreen. (Now remembers last position)

Fixed issue with erroneous % unit on KPZ101 Trigger Settings - Cycle Count




KINESIS V1.4.2 Release Notes (07/04/2016)


Bug Fixes:


Fixed issue with no option to set negative relative moves on triggering for K10CR1 and TBD001

Fixed issue with no ability to set Position or Step for Triggered Move Absolute / Move Relative

Fixed issue with TSG001 readings not being correctly scaled with the calibrated coefficient

Fixed issue with KPZ101 voltage speeds being reversed

Fixed issue with access permissions on the settings folders




Added TDI001 Device




Documentation Errata.

Added missing header and lib files to installations



KINESIS V1.4.1 Release Notes (29/02/2016)


Bug Fixes:


Fixed issue with Benchtop Devices not initializing all channels correctly on some PCs

Fixed issue with PPC101 Minimum voltage range changed from 0 to -30v

Fixed issue with PPC101 MaxOutputVoltage scaling voltage output rather than clipping

Fixed issue with TQD001 / TPA101 Sum jumping from 5v to -5v

Fixed issue with TLD001 flipping power from 32767 to -32768 (only noticeable in simulator)

Fixed issue with TLD001 displaying power in uW but scaled to mW

Fixed issue with PPC001 timing out in sequencer when position and voltage stepping

Fixed issue with BSC201 not initializing correctly due to Joystick parameters not being implemented




Added Simulator for TSG001

Added Simulator for BNT001 and TNA001

Added Simulator for TLS001

Added Simulator for TLD001




Documentation Errata.

       References to Thorlabs.MotionControl.CPP_API removed as this is not included with the release

       DotNet_API document changed with respect to BuildDeviceList




KINESIS V1.4.0 Release Notes (23/02/2016)


Bug Fixes:


Fixed issue with KCube Brushless Motor stopping in sequencer due to move tolerances causing limits to hit prematurely

Fixed issue with Rotational motors overflowing the position by integrating the position into a 64 bit position.

Fixed issue with MNA601 C API returning Invalid Handle




Added settings option to Motors to define how the devices act at or around the limit switches:

Disallow moves outside of the Working Limits (default) - Will not allow any move that results in a position outside of the operating limits

Truncate moves outside of the working kimits - Will truncate moves that would result in a position outside the operating limits

Allow all moves - No software range checking, relies purely on the device to limit travel.




Made Kinesis Sequencer available via menu item.

   Includes Following device simulations:

   All Motor devices

   All Piezo devices

   TCube Inertial Motor

   TCube Solenoid




KINESIS V1.3.0 Release Notes (01/02/2016)


Bug Fixes:


Fixed Issue relating to 'Insert Option’ in sequencer being Disabled.

Fixed issue with KCube Stepper not auto selecting actuator.

Fixed issue with loading sequences after devices have been removed and added

Fixed issue with missing IntegratedStepperMotor controller in LabView controls:

       Now shows specific controllers for CageRotator, LabJack and LongTravelStage.

Fixed issue with incorrect text displayed in KCube Piezo Trigger options

Renamed KCube device ID to Kxx101 (was Kx001)




Updated KCube Device Settings selection to only show settings valid for that device.

Implemented Sequence Run Options including:

       Select which devices to run.

       Select Start and End Sequence steps.

       Override saved repeat sequence parameters

Added new Sequence Functions:

       JogAt - Sets the jog parameters before the Jog

       MoveToAt - Sets the move parameters before the Move

       MoveRelativeAt - Sets the move parameters before the Move

       MoveContinuousAt - Sets the move parameters before the Move

Added option to copy and paste blocks of sequence items within the current sequence and between sequences



KINESIS V1.2.0 Release Notes (12/01/2016)


New Device Controllers:


Implemented KDC101 Controller

Implemented KBD101 Controller

Implemented KST101 Controller

Implemented KPZ101 Controller

Implemented PPC001 Controller





Updated drivers FTDI USB for Windows 8.1 and Windows 10

Updated Benchtop Devices to Implement GetChannel(int channel) so that LabView can access channels easily

Updated GearboxRatio, StepsPerRevolution and Pitch parameters to doubles to provide better accuracy

Home and Trigger settings items changed to match APT

Updated API Documentation to fix various errors and ommissions


Bug Fixes:


Issue relating to Position Errors on TDC001 H/W 1 has been fixed.

Issue relating to indexing within Sequencer has been fixed (requires customer confirmation)

Issue relating to shutdown of various devices updated (requires customer confirmation)

Issue relating to missing Trigger Settings to K10CR1 has been fixed




Included Device Simulator (Internal Evaluation version only)

Implemented KMG5 Controller


KINESIS V1.1.0 Release Notes (20/11/2015)


Bug Fixes:


Issue relating to viewing and editing long sequences which extend beyond the display window have been fixed by implementing scroll bars for the relevant panel.

Issue relating to copying and pasting events in the sequence have been fixed.

Issue relating to TQD001 / TPA101 Notch filter and Low Pass filter settings have been fixed.

Issue relating to Stepper Controllers with Rotational stages has been fixed by removing configuration for rotary stages.

Issue relating to TBD001 Trigger settings issue has been fixed

Issue relating to TLI_GetDeviceInfo exception has been fixed

Issue relating to ISC_MoveRelativeDistance link error has been fixed

Issue relating to BNT001 input socket name has been fixed

Issue relating to NanoTrak Microns / NTUs selection fixed




Implemented a Jog Continuous (Unheld mode) for rotary stages.

Implemented Force Sensing mode for Benchtop Piezo devices.

Improved sequencer by enabling Cut, Copy, Paste of multiple sequence elements

Support added for TIM101 Controller




Updated API documentation examples.

Updated C API Error Code documentation




KINESIS V1.0.0 Release Notes (18/09/2015)


Initial release