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Kits designed for education, demonstration, and classroom use. Easy-to-use kits include all components plus free teaching materials. Thorlabs' technical staff provides support both before and after purchase.
Thorlabs' Discovery line of educational products aims to promote physics, optics, and photonics. Covering topics from classic physics experiments to emerging fields of research, the kits can be used in college lab courses or as demonstrations during a lecture. Each physics lab experiment includes components for building the setup and a manual that contains both detailed setup instructions and extensive teaching materials. These photonics educational kits are being offered at the price of the included components, with the educational materials offered for free. Technical support from our educational team is available both before and after purchase.
Czerny-Turner Spectrometer Extension Kit (View Product Family)
2 New Products!
Czerny-Turner Extension Kit, Metric
EDU-SPEBCT1/M- Czerny-Turner Extension Kit, Metric RELEASED: October 08, 2020
Czerny-Turner Extension Kit, Imperial
EDU-SPEBCT1- Czerny-Turner Extension Kit, Imperial RELEASED: October 08, 2020
Educational Spectrometer Kit (View Product Family)
2 New Products!
Educational Spectrometer Kit, Metric
EDU-SPEB2/M- Educational Spectrometer Kit, Metric RELEASED: July 30, 2020
Educational Spectrometer Kit, Imperial
EDU-SPEB2- Educational Spectrometer Kit, Imperial RELEASED: July 30, 2020

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