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OEM 1030 nm Femtosecond Lasers

  • Menlo Systems' figure 9® Technology
  • Highly Stable and Easy to Use
  • Ideal for OEM Integration
  • All-in-One Solution, No Control Unit Required


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Menlo Systems
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Please note that these femtosecond fiber lasers are available directly from Menlo Systems, Inc. within the United States and from Menlo Systems GmbH outside the United States.
United States
Phone: +1-973-300-4490
Outside United States
Phone: +49-89-189166-0


YLMO and
  • Amplifier Seeding
  • High Harmonic Generation
  • Ultrafast Spectroscopy
  • Attosecond Science
  • Material Processing
  • Opthalmology
  • 2-Photon Polymerization and 3D Printing
  • 2-Photon and Multiphoton Excitation
  • Photoactivation
  • Cell Engineering

Optional Packages

  • VARIO User-Defined Repetition Rate
    Factory-Set Value Selectable in the 50 - 100 MHz Range
  • MULTIBRANCH Additional Seed Ports
    Seeding of Multiple Amplifiers with Optional Subsequent Frequency Conversion to Cover Multiple Wavelengths


  • High Stability
  • Low Amplitude and Phase Noise
  • All Polarization Maintaining
  • Single Mode-Lock State
  • figure 9® Technology
  • Laser Output in Less Than 60 Seconds
  • Repetition Rate 50 - 100 MHz
  • Compact Footprint

Menlo Systems' fiber-based femtosecond laser sources integrate the latest achievements in fiber technology into easy-to-use products. Menlo Systems' figure 9 mode-locking technology results in reproducible and long-term stable operation. With its all-polarization-maintaining design guarantees excellent stability and low-noise operation. The oscillator is maintenance free, user installed, and ready to use at the press of a single button. In short, this is an OEM laser engineered for 24/7 operation. See the Specs Tab for more information.

Central Wavelength 1030 ± 10 nm
Average Power >5 mW >200 mW >2 W
Pulse Energy >100 pJ >4 nJ >20 nJ
Bandwidth (3 dB) 10 nma -
Pulse Width
Chirpedb <150 fs
Repetition Ratec
50 MHz
(50 - 100 MHz with VARIO)
100 MHz
(50 - 100 MHz with VARIO)
Output Port Fiber-Coupled SC/APC Free Space
Monitor Ports (Optical, RF)
Polarization Linear, PM Fiber Linear
  • Other Bandwidths Available on Request
  • Bandwidth-Limited Pulses with <150 fs Pulse Width Available on Request
  • Please inquire for your specific combinations of average power, pulse duration, repetition rate, and external fiber length.

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