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The mounts on this page are specialized for waveguide applications. Thorlabs offers a wide variety of flexure platform mounts that utilize the alignment keyway found on our multi-axis flexure platforms.

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scott.hendrickson  (posted 2013-06-27 15:11:57.457)
Could you please comment on the type of vacuum pump you recommend using with the vacuum waveguide holder?
cdaly  (posted 2013-07-03 13:23:00.0)
Response from Chris at Thorlabs: Thank you for using our feedback tool. The suitability of a vacuum is highly dependent on how flush the waveguide is to the mounting surface, the shape of the waveguide, whether the mount is orientated upside down, weight of the waveguide etc. giving a very large scope for what level of vacuum is suitable for the application. We would state however that a high vacuum is not required. As this is made from anodised aluminium, a really high vacuum may cause some issues with their pumping equipment if the vacuum is too strong. The vacuum should implement 2mm ID tubing in order to interface with the HWV001.

Multi-Axis Flexure Stage Accessories: Vacuum Waveguide Mount

  • Eight User-Selectable Vacuum Ports Provide Support for a Broad Range of Optic Sizes
  • Small, Compact Design Allows Easy Access to your Planar Optical Element

The HWV001 waveguide holder utilizes a vacuum to provide the holding force when securing planar waveguide devices. The mount consists of a platform, into which a series of connected holes are provided. A series of conical-tipped setscrews (compatible with a 1.5 mm hex key) are included to block the unused ports. By removing just the setscrews that will lie underneath the optical element, a vacuum-generated holding force, appropriate for the size of the component, will be available. The vacuum connection is designed for tubing with a 2 mm inner diameter. The strength of vacuum required is dependent on the specific application; however a high vacuum should not be used as the anodization of the mount may negatively impact the pumping equipment.

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HWV001 Support Documentation
HWV001Vacuum Waveguide Mount
5-8 Days

Multi-Axis Flexure Stage Accessories: Adjustable Waveguide Mount

  • Accepts Thin Rectangular Elements 4 - 38 mm Wide and <2 mm Thick
  • 3-Point Contact via Precision-Ground Chromium Steel Balls
  • Adjustable Holding Force Provided by a Beveled Spring-Loaded Plunger

The HWS001 adjustable waveguide mount, while originally intended for use with planar waveguides, is useful for mounting a broad range of optical devices. Any thin (<2 mm thick) rectangular device requiring integration into an optical system utilizing a Thorlabs' multi-axis flexure stage can be mounted in this holder, provided the width of the device is less than 38 mm. This broad range of sizes is supported by moving the two sliding platforms to within a few millimeters of the width of the device and then locking them into position with the setscrews. The holding force is supplied by a spring-loaded plunger that pushes the optical element against two, angled, white plastic pegs. A kinematic three-point contact is also achieved using three hardened chromium steel balls as optical support points.

Note. The HWS001 is not compatible with the MBT401 4-axis Device Platform

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HWS001 Support Documentation
HWS001Adjustable Waveguide Mount

Multi-Axis Flexure Stage Accessories: Waveguide Mounts

  • 10 mm and 35 mm Lengths
  • Please Call Tech Support for a Quote to Customize One of These Mounts

Our standard waveguide mounts are used to mount customer-supplied waveguide devices. All waveguide mounts are supplied with a tongue that fits snugly into the locating slots of the nanopositioner platforms or brackets. Users can glue experimental devices directly to the waveguide mounts. All mounts are 9.5 mm high, with 3 mm clearance to the nominal optical axis, and 32 mm wide. All of the plain waveguide mounts are designed to accommodate different sized devices while allowing access for single mode fibers or microscope objectives.

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HWM001 Support Documentation
HWM001Standard Waveguide Mount, 10 mm Length
HWM003 Support Documentation
HWM003Standard Waveguide Mount, 35 mm Length

Blank Mounting Bracket

While we offer an extensive line of fiber launch and waveguide accessories, it is difficult to anticipate all of the possible requirements that may arise for customers. Hence, we have added these simple components, which ease the production of one-of-a-kind mounting accessories. As can be seen in the photograph to the left, the front surface of each blank is clearly marked with witness lines, which are centered on the 12.5 mm high optical axis of our multi-axis flexure systems.

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HBB001 Support Documentation
HBB001Blank Device Mount for Flexure Stages
HBB002 Support Documentation
HBB002Blank Device Mount for Flexure Stages, Bracket