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Micrometer Drives, 1/4" (6.5 mm)

  • 1/4" (6.5 mm) Travel Range
  • 0.001" (10 µm) of Travel per Division
  • Spherical and Flat Tips
  • Avaliable With or Without a 5/64" (2 mm) Hex on the End


Flat Tip

Spherical Tip



5/64" Hex (2 mm)


Our Rotation Platform
Incorporates a
148-206ST Micrometer

Application Idea

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Item Number 148-206ST(-H) 148-202FT-H 148-205ST(-H) 148-201FT-H
Travel Range 0.250" 6.50 mm
Graduation 0.001" per Division 10 µm per Division
Distance per Rev 0.025" 0.5 mm
Tip Geometry Spherical
R = 0.12" (3.0 mm)
Flat Spherical
R = 0.12" (3.0 mm)
Barrel Diameter 1/4" 6.0 mm
Hexa 5/64" 2 mm
Load Capacity 2 kg (Max)
Scale Surface Hard-Chrome Plating
  • Only the micrometers with item numbers ending in -H have a hex on the end.


  • Chrome-Plated Polished Spindle
  • Knurled Adjustment Knob for Grip
  • Small Ø1/4" (Ø6 mm) Mounting Barrel
  • Durable Engraved Graduations for Easy Viewing
  • Versions with 5/64" (2 mm) Hex Available

The 148-206ST(-H) and 148-202FT-H micrometers provide a travel range of 0.250" and feature engraved graduations every 0.001", while the 148-205ST(-H) and 148-201FT-H micrometers provide a travel range of 6.50 mm with 10 µm spacing between graduations. Item numbers ending in -H incorporate a 5/64" (2 mm) hex, allowing them to be actuated in space-constrained environments.

These micrometers are available with two different tip geometries. The 148-202FT-H and
148-201FT-H micrometers feature a flat tip. The spherical spindle tip, available with the
148-206ST(-H) and 148-205ST(-H) micrometers, provides a single point of contact, which minimizes positioning alignment errors. Dimensions for the 148-206ST-H and 148-202FT-H are provided below and complete dimensions for each micrometer can be found by clicking the Docs icon (info icon ). Thorlabs can integrate these micrometers into many of our standard products; please contact Tech Support for details.

Quarter Inch Micrometer with Spherical Tip Drawing
Click to Enlarge

Quarter Inch Micrometer with Flat Tip Drawing
Click to Enlarge

Hex on the End of the -H Micrometers
Click to Enlarge

Hex on Micrometers with Item Numbers Ending in -H

Posted Comments:
Alizee Malavart  (posted 2020-02-17 11:22:24.693)
Can you confirm on the drawing the dimensions at the two ends of travel please? I don't understand weather "nominal" means fully extended or fully retracted? Many thanks!
llamb  (posted 2020-02-17 04:11:28.0)
Thank you for your feedback. The nominal dimension for the 148-201FT-H is given in the drawing at its fully extended position.
bdada  (posted 2011-09-21 14:43:00.0)
Response from Buki at Thorlabs: WE do not have a barrell for an 8mm hole. The 148-801ST is meant for 10mm mounting hole, while the 148-205ST is meant for 6mm mounting hole. Unfortunately, we do not have an in-between size.
bogdan.voisiat  (posted 2011-09-06 12:40:30.0)
Hello, I need a micrometer that I could put into 8 mm hole. I am interested in Micrometer Drives, 1/4" (6.5 mm). But the mounting barrel of this product is 6 mm. As I understand it can be mounted into 6 mm hole. Is it possible to mount such micrometer into 8 mm hole? Sincerely, Bogdan Voisiat

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+1 Qty Docs Part Number - Imperial Price Available
148-206ST Support Documentation
148-206ST1/4" Travel Micrometer Head with 0.001" Graduations, Spherical Tip
Lead Time
148-206ST-H Support Documentation
148-206ST-HCustomer Inspired! 1/4" Travel Micrometer Head with 0.001" Graduations, Spherical Tip, 5/64" Hex
148-202FT-H Support Documentation
148-202FT-HCustomer Inspired! 1/4" Travel Micrometer Head with 0.001" Graduations, Flat Tip, 5/64" Hex
+1 Qty Docs Part Number - Metric Price Available
148-205ST Support Documentation
148-205ST6.5 mm Travel Micrometer Head with 10 µm Graduations, Spherical Tip
5-8 Days
148-205ST-H Support Documentation
148-205ST-HCustomer Inspired! 6.5 mm Travel Micrometer Head with 10 µm Graduations, Spherical Tip, 2 mm Hex
148-201FT-H Support Documentation
148-201FT-HCustomer Inspired! 6.5 mm Travel Micrometer Head with 10 µm Graduations, Flat Tip, 2 mm Hex
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