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Voice Coil Actuators

  • Linear Voice Coil Actuators
  • Maximum Travel Ranges from 0.63 mm to 62.5 mm
  • High Purity of Motion


Voice Coil Actuator,
25 mm Travel

Zero Travel Position

Maximum Travel


Voice Coil Actuator,
6.3 mm Travel


Voice Coil Actuator,
62.5 mm Travel

Coil Assembly

Magnet Assembly

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Voice Coil Fronts
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The top of each coil assembly includes SM threads and threaded holes for mounting to other components. See the table below for details.


  • Linear Voice Coil Motors
  • Direct Force Drive for High Purity of Motion
  • Up to 62.5 mm Maximum Travel
  • Current-Driven Operation
  • High-Speed, Precise Translation
  • Highly Responsive Acceleration and Deceleration
  • SM-Threaded Coil Assembly

Thorlabs' voice coil actuators are designed for use in applications requiring positioning with high speed or acceleration. These linear actuators use a bobbin and magnet assembly to provide linear force without contact between the moving and fixed world. The voice coil converts electrical signals directly into linear magnetic force, providing much higher purity of motion compared to DC motors requiring separate drivetrains such as belts or gears. When combined with a position sensor, our voice coils provide quick, accurate movement with excellent repeatability. The polarity of the voltage determines the translation direction of the motor. When using the red wire for positive voltage, the magnet assembly will extend when current is applied. The force can be approximated by multiplying the current by the force constant, although the position of the actuator will also affect the force provided by the actuator (see the graphs in the table below for details).

Both ends of the voice coil actuator should be firmly mounted so that the magnet assembly is suspended around the voice coil without contact. The VC063/M and VC125/M magnet assemblies have a center blind-tapped M3 mounting hole, while their coil assemblies have a center M3 mounting hole. The VC250/M, VC500/M, and VC600/M magnet assemblies have a center blind-tapped M6 mounting hole, while their coil assemblies have two M4 mounting holes on opposite sides of a center Ø6.35 mm through hole. The mounting holes could be used with our right-angle brackets to fix either end of the voice coil to an optical table or moving world of a stage. All voice coil assemblies have external SM threading for easier mounting to our fixed optic mounts or lens tubes.

If the voice coil actuator is translated beyond its maximum recommended travel range, the magnet assembly may be displaced too far from the coil assembly to maintain proper magnetic interaction. In this case, the actuator may no longer respond as expected and the voice coil must be manually contracted.

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Voice Coil Actuators

Item # Force Constanta
(Click for Graph)
Travel Coil
Assembly Mass
Maximum Currentb,c Mounting Features
(Click info for Diagram)
VC063/M 0.74 N/A
Click Here for Data
6.3 mm 7 g 7 g 1.9 Ω 167 µH 0.85 A @ 60 °C
1.76 A @ 200 °C
VC125/M 0.89 N/A
Click Here for Data
12.5 mm 9 g 10 g 3.5 Ω 316 µH 0.67 A @ 60 °C
1.45 A @ 200 °C
VC250/M 3.84 N/A
Click Here for Data
25.0 mm 38 g 97 g 5.1 Ω 1675 µH 0.89 A @ 60 °C
1.90 A @ 200 °C
VC500/M 3.99 N/A
Click Here for Data
50.0 mm 51 g 153 g 8.5 Ω 3274 µH 0.68 A @ 60 °C
1.45 A @ 200 °C
VC625/M 6.41 N/A
Click Here for Data
62.5 mm 53 g 369 g 12.5 Ω 4696 µH 0.89 A @ 60 °C
1.85 A @ 200 °C
  • Specified at the stroke position that provides the maximum continuous force when driven with 1 A current. See graph for continuous force across the entire stroke.
  • Specified for a 100% Duty Cycle
  • Severe damage to skin may occur on contact with exposed coil at temperatures > 60 °C. Damage will occur immediately on contact with the coil at temperatures > 200 °C.
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VC063/M Support Documentation
VC063/MNEW!Voice Coil Actuator, 6.3 mm Travel
VC125/M Support Documentation
VC125/MNEW!Voice Coil Actuator, 12.5 mm Travel
VC250/M Support Documentation
VC250/MNEW!Voice Coil Actuator, 25.0 mm Travel
VC500/M Support Documentation
VC500/MNEW!Voice Coil Actuator, 50.0 mm Travel
VC625/M Support Documentation
VC625/MNEW!Voice Coil Actuator, 62.5 mm Travel
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