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Colored Glass Filter Kits

  • Ten Ø1" Filters Mounted in Engraved SM1 Series Lens Tubes
  • Ten Unmounted 2" x 2" Square Filters


Each Lens and Location
is Clearly Marked


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Thorlabs' Colored Glass Filter Kits are offered in two versions:

  • FGK01: Ten Ø25 mm Schott® Colored Glass Filters Mounted in Laser-Engraved SM1 Series Lens Cells
  • FGK01S: Ten 2" x 2" Square Unmounted Schott® Colored Glass Filters

Refer to the Specs Tab above for detailed information about the filters contained in each kit. The filters come in a convenient plastic box for storage or transportation purposes. Additional storage boxes can also
be purchased.

Material Schott® Colored Glass
Scratch/Dig 40/20
Surface Flatness <λ/4 @633 nm, round
<λ/2 @633 nm, 2" Square
Dimensions +0.0/-0.4 mm
Wedge <3 arcmin
Damage Threshold 30 W/cm2 Typ
Clear Aperture 80% of Diameter
(Ø1" Round)
(2" Square)
Glass #
FGL400 FGL400S GG 400 2.0 400 nm Longpass
FGL495 FGL495S GG 495 2.0 495 nm Longpass
FGL550 FGL550S OG 550 2.0 550 nm Longpass
FGL610 FGL610S RG 610 2.0 610 nm Longpass
FGL715 FGL715S RG 715 2.0 715 nm Longpass
FGL780 FGL780S RG 780 2.0 780 nm Longpass
FGL850 FGL850S RG 850 2.0 850 nm Longpass
FGS900 FGS900S KG 3 2.0 315 - 710 nm Bandpass
FGB37 FGB37S BG 40 2.0 335 - 610 nm Bandpass
FGUV FGUVS UG 1 2.0 325 - 385 nm Bandpass



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Filter Kits

Based on your currency / country selection, your order will ship from Newton, New Jersey  
+1 Qty Docs Part Number - Universal Price Available
FGK01 Support Documentation
FGK01Ø25 mm Round Colored Glass Filter Kit, Mounted in SM1 Lens Tubes
FGK01S Support Documentation
FGK01SColored Glass Filter Kit, Unmounted, Set of 10

Additional Filter Kit Boxes

Filter boxes for mounted Ø1" and Ø2" optics or unmounted 2" square optics are available for individual purchase. These storage cases are perfect for protecting your optics from dust and scratches when they are not currently being used.

Based on your currency / country selection, your order will ship from Newton, New Jersey  
+1 Qty Docs Part Number - Universal Price Available
KT01 Support Documentation
KT01Storage Box for Mounted Ø1" (25 mm) Round Optics (Max. Capacity: 10)
KT06 Support Documentation
KT06Storage Box for Mounted Ø2" Round Optics (Max. Capacity: 10)
KT03 Support Documentation
KT03Storage Box for Unmounted 2" Square Optics (Max. Capacity: 10)
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