Adjustable Angle Mounting Plate

  • 180° of Movement in 15° Increments
  • Continuous Movement and 13 Discrete Positions


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  • 180° of Total Movement
  • 15° Increments Result in 13 Discrete Locations
  • Removable Pin for Angular Locating
  • Arrangement of Mounting Options as Seen in the Drawings to the Right

Thorlabs' Adjustable Angle Mounting Plate provides a full 180° of movement at 15° increments with ±18 arcmin precision. The mounting platform can be positioned at 13 discrete positions utilizing the included linchpin. Engravings on the mount denote the angular positions possible and the associated pin location for each position.

In addition to the 13 discrete positions available, the plate can be oriented at any angle by tightening the hex locking screw. However, the load capacity is limited to 8 lbs if the linchpin isn’t utilized. This adjustable angle plate contains an array of 1/4"-20 (M6) mounting holes and 1/4" (M6) slots on the top and bottom plates as shown in the drawings to the right.

To change the angle between the two plates, loosen the 1/8" (3 mm) hex locking screw located on the back of the mount (see photos below). Once the hex screw is loose, remove the locking pin. Rotate the top plate until the engraved white line on the top plate hinge matches up with the desired angular marking on the bottom plate hinge. Insert the pin into the slot indicated by the letter in parentheses next to the angular position you selected. For example, to secure the top plate at 45° past vertical as shown in the photo below, the pin must be inserted into the A slot. Once the pin has been inserted, tighten the hex locking screw to fully secure the position of the mount.

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