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Mechanical Essentials Kits: SM05 Lens Tubes

  • SM05 Lens Tube Kits
  • Heavy-Duty, Welded Steel Cabinet Frame
  • Cabinet Frame Can Be Wall Mounted or Stacked
  • Equipped with Easy-to-Read Labels


16 Drawers, 126 Pieces


9 Drawers, 103 Pieces

See Contents Tab for Included Items

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Back Side of ESK Kit
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Slots on the rear of each cabinet for wall mounting.


  • Lens Tubes and Accessories for Ø1/2" Optics
  • 16-Drawer Kit with 126 Pieces or 9-Drawer Kit with 103 Pieces
  • Frame Dimensions (L x W x D)
    • ESK13(/M): 11" x 17" x 11" (279.4 mm x 431.8 mm x 279.4 mm)
    • ESK24: 11.08" x 17.13" x 11.11" (281.3 mm x 435.0 mm x 282.3 mm)
  • Drawer Dimensions (L x W x D)
    • ESK13(/M): 2.18" x 4.16" x 10.56" (55.4 mm x 105.6 mm x 268 mm)
    • ESK24: 3.15" x 5.50" x 10.89" (79.9 mm x 139.7 mm x 276.5 mm)
  • Easy-to-Read Labels List Contents for Each Drawer
  • Savings Over Individual Component Products

These kits contain our most popular SM05 (0.535"-40) threaded optomechanical components as well as many common accessories used with our SM05-threaded lens tubes. The ESK13(/M) 16-drawer kit offers a wider variety of SM05-threaded components, including fiber adapters and optical mounts. Refer to the Contents tab above for detailed information about the included components. The contents of these kits are compatible with our vast selection of 16 mm optical cage system components. Additionally, our ESK17 (ESK17/M) Ø1/2" Optics Mounts Kit includes components compatible with SM05 threads. We also offer the ESK25 SM1 Lens Tube Kit; the ESK26 SM2 Lens Tube Kit; the ESK07A (ESK07A/M) Cage Assemblies and Lens Tubes Kit, which includes a variety of SM1-threaded and 30 mm cage compatible components; and the ESK07B (ESK07B/M) Cage Assemblies and Lens Tubes Extension Kit, which includes cage system components and SM1- and SM2-threaded components.

Mounting Options
The kits can be stored on a tabletop for easy, convenient access or placed on an RK4101 or RK4102 rack shelf, both of which can be installed in our RK3884 standard 19" rack. The cabinet used in this kit has slots in the rear of the case (see the image to the right) for wall mounting and features indentations on the top and four feet on the bottom for stable stacking. Warning: the ESK13(/M) weighs approximately 26 lbs
(12 kg), and the ESK24 weighs approximately 17 lbs (7.7 kg); ensure that the wall and wall mounts can support these weights before mounting.

Kit Components

Click on the yellow bars below to view the contents included in each kit. In cases where the metric and imperial kits contain parts with different item numbers, metric item numbers and measurements are indicated in parentheses. The ESK13 (ESK13/M) includes a 16-drawer cabinet, and the ESK24 includes an ST9 9-drawer cabinet.

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SM05 Lens Tube Kits

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ESK13 Support Documentation
ESK13SM05 Components Essentials Kit, Imperial and Universal Components, 126 Pieces
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+1 Qty Docs Part Number - Universal Price Available
ESK24 Support Documentation
ESK24NEW!SM05 Lens Tube Essentials Kit, Universal Components, 103 Pieces
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ESK13/M Support Documentation
ESK13/MSM05 Components Essentials Kit, Metric and Universal Components, 126 Pieces
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