60 mm Cage System Iris Diaphragm

  • 60 mm Cage System Compatible Iris
  • Continuously Variable Lever-Actuated Aperture
  • Button Head Lever Allows Actuation while Iris is Installed


For 60 mm Cage Systems

Application Idea

LCP50D Iris in a Cage System with a KCB2C Right-Angle Kinematic Mount

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Thorlabs’ 60 mm Cage System Irises are designed for use within a cage system. The button head lever actuating the iris aperture clears the fourth cage rod, allowing for aperture adjustments within the cage system.

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The LCP50D cage system iris is actuated using a button head lever. The aperture of the LCP50D is adjustable from Ø2.0 mm to Ø50.0 mm.
Item # Cage System Standard Aperture Thickness
LCP50D 60 mm Ø2.0 mm to Ø50.0 mm 0.40" (10.1 mm)


  • One-Piece Iris for 60 mm Cage Systems
  • Continuously Variable Iris Diaphragm: Ø2.0 mm to Ø50.0 mm Aperture
  • Ultra-Thin Cage Plate Design: 0.40" (10.1 mm) Thickness
  • Black-Anodized Aluminum Housing Limits Reflection

This lever-actuated, continuously variable, cage-system-compatible iris diaphragm is designed to provide smooth operation over many thousands of cycles. This iris is mounted in an ultra-thin, cage-system-compatible plate that engages three cage rods with locking screws that accept a 5/64" (2.0 mm) hex key. The steel leaves within the iris are actuated by a button head lever that clears the fourth cage rod, as shown in the picture to the right, allowing for operation within the cage system. This large iris provides the maximum aperture available for use in a 60 mm cage system and is permanently installed in the cage plate.

In addition to the 60 mm cage system iris sold on this page, we also offer a 30 mm Cage System Iris. Alternatively, our SM-Threaded Ring-Actuated Irises can also be utilized in a 60 mm cage system with the use of an SM2-threaded cage plate. However, the cage system iris featured on this page offers a larger aperture and thinner profile than the equivalent ring-actuated iris. For non-cage system use, we also offer Post-Mounted Irises, SM-Threaded Lever-Actuated Irises, and Unmounted Irises with no mounting holes.

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60 mm Cage System Iris Diaphragm

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LCP50D60 mm Cage System Iris Diaphragm (Ø2.0 - Ø50.0 mm)