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FiberBench to Cage System Adapter

  • Combine FiberBench, 16 mm Cage Systems, and 30 mm Cage Systems
  • 16 mm and 30 mm Cage Rods can be Installed Simultaneously
  • SM05-Threaded Port for Lens Tube Compatibility


Two Shoulder Screws
and Two Retaining Rings Included



Application Idea

The HCA3-CP integrates a 16 mm cage system with a polarization controller built on a FiberBench. The cage plate is supported with a Mini-Series Post and Post Holder.

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FiberBench Power Sampling
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The HCA3-CP is used to combine a FiberBench and a 30 mm Cage System for a power sampling application. A FiberBench 4:96 Beamsplitter Module picks off light to a detector and allows the rest of the signal to be coupled into a Fiber Patch Cable using a FiberPort. A polarizer between the beamsplitter and the detector allows the polarization state of light entering the fiber to be monitored.
Fiber Bench Adapter
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FiberBench Adapter Plate


  • Mounts to Thorlabs' FiberBenches
  • Two Screws Tighten Flexure Mechanisms to Secure Cage Rods for 30 mm Cage Systems
  • Four Locking Setscrews Secure Cage Rods for 16 mm Cage Systems
  • 8.9 mm Deep SM05-Threaded (0.535"-40) Bore for Mounting SM05-Threaded Components
  • Accepts Optics up to 0.21" (5.3 mm) Thick, Such as Thorlabs' Premium Hard-Coated Bandpass Filters
  • Includes Two SM05RR Retaining Rings, Two 8-32 Shoulder Screws for Securing Wall Plate to Fiber Bench, and a 3/32" Hex Key

The HCA3-CP Adapter Plate allows small optical setups built using Thorlabs' FiberBenches to be easily integrated with 16 mm or 30 mm Cage Systems. Three #8 counterbores on the bottom of the plate allow it to be mounted to one of Thorlabs' FiberBenches. The plate accepts Ø4 mm or Ø6 mm cage rods for 16 mm or 30 mm cage systems, respectively. The Ø4 mm cage rods are held in place for by locking screws that accept a 0.05" (1.3 mm) hex key. The Ø6 mm cage rods are secured using a flexure mechanism that can be tightened by a single locking screw on each side of the mount that accepts 5/64" (2.0 mm) hex keys. The port through the center is SM05-threaded, allowing it to accept lens tubes or other threaded optical components. Two SM05RR retaining rings are included.

When combining a FiberBench with a cage system, make sure that the FiberBench is properly supported to avoid applying excess torque to the cage rods. If the cage system is low enough, the FiberBench can rest directly on the optical table. For segments of the cage system that are elevated off of the optical table, the FiberBench can be supported using a Ø1" optical post threaded into the 8-32 or M4 tap in the base.

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HCA3-CP Support Documentation
HCA3-CPFiberBench Wall Plate, 16 mm and 30 mm Cage Plate, Internal SM05 Threads
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