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Fixed Pellicle Mounts

  • Mount Ø1/2", Ø1", and Ø2" Pellicles
  • Locates Pellicle Over the Center of Mounting Hole
  • Mounting Slots for Easy Pellicle Placement

Pellicle Mount Slots

#8 (M4) Cap Screw Counterbore




Application Idea

BP108 Pellicle Beamsplitter Post Mounted Using a BP107 Fixed Pellicle Mount

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  • Designed to Mount 3/16"-Thick (4.8 mm) Pellicle Beamsplitters
  • Post-Mountable Design Centers Pellicle About Axis of Rotation
  • Three Models Offered:
    • BP057: Mounts Ø1/2" Pellicle Beamsplitters
    • BP107: Mounts Ø1" Pellicle Beamsplitters
    • BP207: Mounts Ø2" Pellicle Beamsplitters
  • Two 2-56 Cap Screws Provided for Mounting Pellicle

These fixed pellicle beamsplitter mounts are a compact and unobstrusive solution when kinematic tip and tilt of the pellicle are not required (see our Kinematic Pellicle Mounts). The post mountable design features an 8-32 (M4) counterbore directly under the optical surface of the pellicle in order to provide a gimbal-like motion when manually rotating an assembly in a post holder.

Thorlabs' Pellicle Beamsplitters are conveniently "dropped into" the mount via slotted supports. This feature helps prevent damage to the extremly delicate pellicle membrane as a result of excess handling. Secure the pellicle's position using the two 2-56 cap screws included with the mount.

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BP057 Support Documentation
BP057Ø1/2" Fixed Pellicle Mount
BP107 Support Documentation
BP107Mounting Fork for Ø1" Pellicle Beamsplitters
BP207 Support Documentation
BP207Mounting Fork for Ø2" Pellicle Beamsplitters
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